The trading is easy right now, but the farther we get from obvious support levels, the greater the risk of a sharp correction.  (AlphaTrends)

How much more room does this rally have to run?  (Big Picture, Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

The market doesn’t give a s**t about you.  It will exist whether or not you do.”  (Chart Shark via ppearlman)

Wall Steet and Main Street have once again become disconnected.  (Deal Journal, Breakingviews)

The move in the high yield markets has been “massive.”  (Distressed Debt Investing)

Are we getting too worked up about the state of the S&P 500 relative to its 200 day moving average?  (Don Fishback)

“But it’s important to keep in mind that simply because something is priced lower than it had been recently, it may not represent a good value.”  (Minyanville)

The options market needs weekly expirations for liquid stocks.  (Investing With Options)

How to overcome the desire for perfection in your trading.  (TraderFeed, Abnormal Returns)

Eight mental mistakes investors make.  (Morningstar)

College endowment forgot that “Liquidity is valuable, and should not be surrendered without proper compensation.”  (Aleph Blog)

Don’t feel so bad, European mutual fund investors can’t time the market either.  (The Money Game)

The equity risk premium in 150 textbooks.  (SSRN via Alea)

High frequency traders have a PR problem.  (MarketBeat)

Are the Feds trying to shrink the money market mutual fund business?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist also Money & Co.)

Is regulatory arbitrage, via new look-SIVs, back in play?  (FT, Baseline Scenario, Clusterstock)

The PPIP lives.  (Atlantic Business)

The two steps the Feds need to make to reform the banking sector.  (Clusterstock)

Why does Hank Paulson get so much of the heat for the bank bailouts?  (The Big Money)

“Our capital markets may have been irrevocably changed, but the doomsayers of the deal market are mistaken: deals will continue to be a driving force in corporate America.”  (DealBook)

New ways to guard against the issue of moral hazard.  (Atlantic Business)

There are still few signs of a turn in employment trends.  (Economist’s View)

Look for the BRIC economies to lead the global economy on the other side of the recession.  (Telegraph)

What effect has Fed buying had on mortgage rates?  (Calculated Risk)

Is an economic rebound set to revive the oil crunch?  (Green Sheet)

Macroeconomics is the triumph of hope over experience, and has been no more successful than sociology.”  (Falkenblog also Freakonomics)

The challenges of valuing a business like Twitter.  (Deal Journal also Free exchange)

For those of you who really like the A-Team.  (The Reformed Broker)

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