Jim Grant is bullish.  Should we be worried?  (Big Picture, Nancy Miller, Money & Co., Fund My Mutual Fund, Zero Hedge)

Are stocks now overvalued?  (Clusterstock)

“I can totally understand the panic setting in on money managers as we head into the fourth quarter. I have been there, done that.”  (Howard Lindzon)

“The fact that we are at decade-highs for spec option trading makes perfect sense when we consider the fact that there’s so much cash on the sidelines.”  (Investing With Options)

Dispersion trading is nothing new or novel. (Condor Options also Bloomberg)

Looking back at a review of Dow 36,000.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Look beyond the Baltic Dry Index to the longer term market for shipping.  (FT via Alea)

An index to track the carry trade.  (FT)

“But we need a divorce: the rating agencies shouldn’t be government-sanctioned and government-protected institutions and their judgments shouldn’t be part of the rules that govern how investors can act.”  (New Yorker also The Balance Sheet)

Why I am short the ratings agencies.”  (Aiki14 also Clusterstock)

Dell (DELL) is betting big on Obamacare by buying Perot Systems (PER).  (Deal Journal also 24/7 Wall St., Curious Capitalist)

Skeptical takes on the new Dent Tactical ETF (DENT).  (IndexUniverse, CBS MoneyWatch)

China sector ETFs are in the works.  (IndexUniverse)

Taking a look at some current hedge fund strategies.  (market folly)

Are small investment boutiques better mutual fund managers?  (BusinessWeek)

“When you are managing $35 billion, you can never say sell.”  (Mish)

“Even if pay did cause excessive risk-taking, the proposals probably will create more problems than they solve.”  (Ideoblog also Free exchange, Marginal Revolution)

Derivatives and debt are the needles of finance and bankers will continue to supply them to all the Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s alike for the foreseeable future as long as there is money to be made in the trade.”  (naked capitalism)

What is Warren Buffett’s “desert island economic indicator” telling us about the economy?  (Manual of Ideas)

Don’t expect the Fed to move until employment trends are positive.  (Tim Duy)

Decent numbers on the economy but employment remains a concern.  (Econbrowser)

Under what conditions will capital spending pick up?  (Calculated Risk)

Toxic assets are not a phenomenon limited to the 21st century, think 18th century.  (Economist’s View)

“There are similarities between the architectures of financial systems and biological systems.”  (New Scientist)

Thomson-Reuters is buying BreakingviewsBloomberg bids for BusinessWeek.  (Silicon Alley Insider, BusinessWeek)

Labor problems are looming for the NFL and the players union.  (Atlantic Business)

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