“Rather than being anti-market, vanilla financial products would help correct very clear market failures that arise from imperfect information and high search costs. It is the status quo that is anti-market.”  (Interfluidity also Epicurean Dealmaker, Aleph Blog, Felix Salmon)

“How much emerging markets [equities] should I have?”  (The Reformed Broker)

The junkiest bonds (CCC-rated) have been bid up with abandon of late.  (Agnes Crane)

Checking in with investor sentiment at week end.  (Trader’s Narrative, Disciplined Approach to Investing)

90% of small traders purportedly lose money.  They are now flocking to the leverage-filled currency market.  (WSJ)

“At least for the patterns that I’m testing, the advice to hold your winners and cut your losers does not fully hold water.”  (TraderFeed, ibid)

Ugh.  optionsExpress (OXPS) has gotten into the options trading seminar business via Optionetics.  (Barron’s)

Some insight into Susquehanna International, the largest private options trading company in the world.  (Philadelphia Magazine via Infectious Greed)

Did David Swensen (indirectly) ruin the venture capital industry?  (Chris Dixon via Howard Lindzon)

Is a “mass exodus” of hedge funds from London to Switzerland at hand?  (Times Online)

High profile hedge fund Clarium LP is struggling.  (WSJ)

“So we may be fooling ourselves if we think that compensation reforms, by themselves, will prevent another crisis.”  (NYTimes also Clusterstock)

The employment picture argues against a quick return to rapid economic growth.  (NYTimes, The Money Game)

“Rather than crowding out the private sector, Uncle Sam is now standing in for it.”  (Floyd Norris)

Debating the “new normal” for the economy. (Big Picture)

The outsized growth of the securities sector illustrated.  (The Stash)

Checking in on the new condo glut. (Calculated Risk)

Profits are good when they result from providing a service people want.  When they are the result of capturing the government by cutting special deals, they’re immoral and inefficient.”  (Megan McArdle)

Alfred Nobel hated economics.  So why is there a “Nobel Prize” in Economic Science?  (Standpoint via Arts & Letters Daily)

An interview with Howard Lindzon on social media and StockTwits.  (DailyFinance)

The buzz around Twitter is so loud, and media companies are so awkward about using social media that they’ll jump at the chance to buy the startup and make it their own.”  (GigaOM)

Is CNBC for sale?  (Zero Hedge)

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