Two positive short term signals for the stock market.  (Small Fish, Big Odds, Quantifiable Edges)

Parsing signals from the Nasdaq TRIN.  (VIX and More)

“If instead you blame Goldman for every loser trade, you’ll truly never win in this biz.”  (Daily Options Report)

Is buy-and-hold poised for a comeback?  (Curious Capitalist)

The stock market anticipating a rapid rebound in profit margins.  (Hussman Funds also Crossing Wall Street)

Twelve buyout candidates.  (The Money Game)

Nine activist investor targets.  (The Ideas Report)

What’s behind the rally in silver?  (WSJ)

“It appears that investors are moving their money from money market funds yielding virtually 0% to short-term muni and corporate funds that have a yield of between 1% and 2%.”  (Big Picture)

Is now the time to believe Nouriel Roubini?  (Crossing Wall Street, The Reformed Broker)

The market reacts very differently when companies announce an acquisition of a non-public company versus a public one.  (DealBook)

Dividend recaps have enriched private equity at the expense of bankruptcy (and bondholders).  (NYTimes also naked capitalism, Clusterstock, Baseline Scenario, peHUB)

Was it a good idea to mislead the public about the health of banks receiving TARP funds?  (24/7 Wall St., Clusterstock, Deal Journal, Atlantic Business)

The case of Morgan Stanley (MS) demonstrates just how close we came to a financial meltdown.  (Vanity Fair also Felix Salmon)

Another example why Goldman Sachs (GS) is a better negotiator than the Feds.  (Atlantic Business)

Larry Summers in the midst of the economic crisis.  (New Yorker also Felix Salmon, The Stash)

“A year after the collapse of Lehman, the near collapse of AIG and the grande mal seizure in financial markets, the Masters of the Universe are still firmly in charge.” (Satyajit Das’s Blog)

The case against bank stocks.  (Credit Writedowns)

Are Spanish banks hiding their losses?  (Bronte Capital also FT Alphaville)

Just how long will consumer spending remain restrained?  (New Yorker also The Balance Sheet)

Do behavioral economist have the endowment effect all wrong?  (Clusterstock)

How did the prediction markets get the 2016 Olympics selection so wrong?  (Sabernomics)

On the parallels between Daily Kos and Zero Hedge.  (The Stash)

On the importance of “the body loop” on decision making.  (Frontal Cortex)

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