Not sure what is bigger news this morning.  The fourth blogiversary* of the Abnormal Returns blog or Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Let’s go with the whole blogiversary thing.

A great deal has happened since our last blogiversary:  the global financial system nearly collapsed, the Chicago Cubs once again failed to win the World Series and we moved the blog to the StockTwits Network.  We are excited to see where things stand a year from now.

We want to thank all of the dedicated readers of this space.  There are quite a few of you out there.  As of this morning our RSS feed had some 10,500 “subscribers” and some 2,400 of of you follow us on Twitter.  We are also thankful for the many kind mentions of our site in the blogosphere.

As always we appreciate any and all feedback we receive.  Keep it coming.

*The actual anniversary is tomorrow, but since that is a Saturday we are noting it a day early.