Meriwether, in other words, is proof that markets are not efficient, and investors are frequently stupid, and frequently dazzled by slick sales pitches.”  (Ezra Klein also Credit Writedowns, Fund My Mutual Fund earlier Abnormal Returns)

2009 is a rarity with equities, gold and bonds all up double digits.  (Economist)

Two analysts firmly in the stock market is overvalued camp.  (FT Alphaville, The Pragmatic Capitalist)

What recent sector performance tells us about the state of the stock market.  (Afraid to Trade)

The financial sector is back to their historical weighting in the S&P 500.  (Bespoke)

Do a couple of financial IPO filings indicate a “return to risk”?  (Deal Journal, Telegraph)

The return of the Why-P.O.  (The Reformed Broker)

Some of the big banks are still way behind in their loan loss reserves.  (Accrued Interest)

The junk bond rally YTD has been breathtaking.  (WSJ)

Earning estimates, read (AMZN, MSFT) sometimes “fail.”  (Daily Options Report)

Is a buy-and-hold investment strategy the best of a bad lot?  (Abnormal Returns also Crossing Wall Street)

Smita Sandana, “Don’t confuse time frames.”  The long term is made up of a series of short terms.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

“I would argue that as long as people are responsible for making investment decisions whether directly or indirectly, there will always be a huge impact of their aggregate bias on the market.”  (CSS Analytics)

The slew of new mortgage REITs are designed to be lucrative for their managers.  (Morningstar)

Risk in any diverse financial organization cannot be summed up by a third party into a scalar.”  (Falkenblog)

Nassim Taleb is trying to correct misperceptions about the Black Swan.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Why do bankers make so much money?  (Rick Bookstaber also The Big Money)

Skepticism abounds about the effectiveness of proposed pay restrictions.  (WashingtonPost, NYTimes, Clusterstock, Time)

“The overwhelming majority of the working population will never be able to prepare themselves for a period of unemployment lasting more than six months.”  (Felix Salmon)

The UK recession is not over.  (Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data)

“Nothing out there currently exists as a tech platform for RIAs.”  (World Beta)

How Havard economists invest.  (Harvard Crimson via Greg Mankiw)

On the importance of challenging ourselves and learning from our mistakes.  (The Frontal Cortex)

On the ultimate failure of Moneyball.  Does this include the movie as well?  (TNR via Infectious Greed)

Are today’s college graduates unprofessional?  (Inside Higher Ed)

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