Jason Zweig, “As an investor, you are free to choose your own time horizon. If other people want to try earning a few fractions of a penny a few thousand times a day, you should wish them well — and refuse to join them.”  (WSJ)

“The wild ride of the last decade or so does not mean that stocks will underperform bonds in the months or years ahead. If only it were that simple.”  (NYTimes)

What role have individual investors had in the run-up in commodity prices?  (The Reformed Broker, Journal of Investing via Infectious Greed)

As money flows into bonds, some of it is finding its way into individual bonds.  (WSJ)

Rydex market timers are “all in” and other  investor sentiment measures at week-end.  (The Technical Take, Trader’s Narrative)

Why should we assume there is a stable relationship between the price of crude oil and the S&P 500?  We shouldn’t.  (Abnormal Returns)

On the use of your equity curve to guide trading decisions.  (CSS Analytics)

The ability to sit through a trade is greatly underappreciated.”  (TraderFeed)

Add Richard Bernstein to the bull camp. (Credit Writedowns)

What are the odds that Bruce Berkowitz can outperform as a bond manager?  (Marketwatch)

Now is a good time for a stock replacement strategy.  (Barron’s)

Who won (collectively) over the past ten years:  Vanguard investors or Fidelity investors?  (Morningstar)

TheStreet.com (TSCM) is a mess.  (Zero Hedge)

Why is Citigroup (C) pulling out all the revenue stops?  (Mish)

Joe Nocera, “Goldman makes its money primarily by taking trading risks, and so long as that is the case, American taxpayers are going to question why they should have to be on the hook if Goldman suddenly runs into serious trouble.”  (NYTimes also Big Picture)

John C. Ogg, “The fate of Fannie and Freddie as far as the common and preferred shares go depends almost entirely upon the political situation in Washington …”  (24/7 Wall St.)

Is the stimulus working?  (Time also Atlantic Business)

Taking a look at the long term effects of substantial federal budget deficits.  (SSRN)

Donald J. Boudreaux, “Insider trading is impossible to police and helpful to markets and investors. Parsing the difference between legal and illegal insider trading is futile—and a disservice to all investors.”  (WSJ)

Do we have the health care plan all backwards?  (NYTimes also EconLog)

Does economics violate the laws of physics?  (Scientific American via Economist’s View)

Howard Lindzon, “There is one bubble that I do not fear…the social web/social leverage bubble.”  (Howard Lindzon)

John Gruber, “Operating systems aren’t mere components like RAM or CPUs; they’re the single most important part of the computing experience.”  (Daring Fireball)

Is blog reading now mainstream?  (A VC)

U-pick-it orchards are a big scam.  (Slate)

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