“The hedge fund industry is on the brink of recouping all its investment losses sustained during the credit crunch, placing many funds in a position to earn performance fees.”  (WSJ)

What are we to make of the weakness in Transports?  (Small Fish, Big Odds, VIX and More)

US dollar volatility is returning to normal levels.  (Bespoke)

How is that the bond market is perceived to be “smarter” than the stock market?  (Abnormal Returns)

The case for local currency emerging market bonds being a better way to invest in the emerging markets.  (Kiplinger’s)

Are insider trading cases a big waste of time?  (Forbes, Clusterstock contra Jeff Matthews)

A legal way to profit off insider trading.  (New Rules of Investing)

Estimating the equity risk premium is no easy task.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Carl Icahn is on a bit of cold streak.  (Silicon Alley Insider)

James Surowiecki, “The trouble is that the “market” for banking is so distorted…that it’s hard to know whether big banks are adding value or are simply exploiting their oligopolistic positions.” (New Yorker, The Balance Sheet)

Are the Feds going to soon get more powers to deal with “too big to fail” banks?  (NYTimes)

Is the US Treasury betting on higher inflation?  (The Money Game)

Debating the status of the jobless recovery.  (FT Alphaville)

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Nassim Taleb can’t understand why everyone misinterprets his writings.  (Falkenblog)

What would the Cramer, when he was a hedge fund manager, have said about TheStreet.com (TSCM) stock?  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet, Zero Hedge)

“We have to face facts: the mobile internet has been brought about, and is now owned and controlled by, Apple (AAPL).”  (Ultimi Barbarorum)

StockTwits comes to the iPhone via the brand new Nasdaq Portfolio Manager application.  (StockTwits Blog, Howard Lindzon, TechCrunch, Appolicious, IR Web Report)

Should we just “grow up” and start paying for content on sites like Hulu?  (The Big Money)

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