Jim Chanos hates muni bonds.  (Barron’s also A Dash of Insight)

The global gold rush is on.  (Green Sheet, The Reformed Broker)

Are ETFs causing a bubble in emerging markets?  (WSJ)

Felix Salmon, “Mutual funds are moving away from being a mass-market product, and becoming more of a niche product aimed at elderly investors who don’t know any better and who don’t worry much about total expense ratios.”  (Reuters)

The prospects for the stock market would be brighter if individuals would start putting money back into equity funds.  (NYTimes)

Checking in on investor sentiment at week end.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Seven durable concepts learned from the school of hard knocks.  (CSS Analytics)

SAC Capital is now in the middle of the growing insider trading investigation.  (WSJ)

Buffett’s motivations for purchasing Burlington Northern are:  a bet commodities, getting greener, or simple diversification?  (Baseline Scenario, WSJ, BusinessWeek)

The ethics of Warren Buffett in question.  (Big Picture, ibid)

Roger Ehrenberg, “Sadly, we live in a world of sound bites, and Congress and the White House have found far better sound bites to attack the denizens of the equity markets rather than the derivatives and debt markets.”  (Information Arbitrage)

David Einhorn calls CDSs “anti-social” and calls for their ban.  (FT also Information Arbitage, naked capitalism, Kid Dynamite)

How big a role did the failure of Lehman Brothers have on the financial crisis?  (Econbrowser)

Finance is a complex system.  Taking a look at the many ways it can fail.  (designing better futures)

US factories are “grossly underutilized.”  (Real Time Economics)

The BLS birth/death adjustment is back in the spotlight.  (Big Picture)

Just what is ‘systemic risk‘ anyway?  (macroblog)

A new model of inflation indicates muted long term expectations.  (Economist’s View)

Talk of a trade war between the US and China is heating up.  (Aiki14, Free exchange, Infectious Greed)

Should the Fed meet with bloggers as well?  (Aleph Blog)

An interview with Hunter of the Distressed Debt Investing blog.  (Simoleon Sense)

The Larry Summers profile every one will be discussing.  (Vanity Fair)

Why do people buy extended warranties?  Because they are in too good a mood when they are shopping.  (NYTimes)

The top clicks on Abnormal Returns this week.  (Abnormal Returns)

Anyone who wants their online reading simplified should check this out.  (Readability via David Pogue)

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