YTD returns for the S&P 500 in other currencies don’t look all that hot.  (Bespoke)

What happens to the stock market when the VIX goes from overbought to oversold in five days?  (Quantifiable Edges)

The IMF warns that the dollar-carry trade is blowing bubbles around the world.  (The Money Game also Washington Post)

Is the falling spread on emerging market bonds an indication of growing investor risk appetites?  (Abnormal Returns also FT Alphaville)

No matter the outcome a Supreme Court ruling on mutual fund fees will increase scrutiny on how fund boards operate.  (WSJ)

What effect will recent insider trading charges have on fundamental investors?  (Ultimi Barbarorum)

Banks have a lot to learn from hedge funds. (Peter Thal Larsen earlier Abnormal Returns)

Asset illiquidity has a big role in hedge fund return smoothing.  (SSRN)

John Alridge, “Goldman has dodged the credit-crunch bullet and is emerging from the crisis stronger than ever. To the victor, the spoils. But the patient might find cheating death easier than pacifying the public. Many remain unconvinced that, while Goldman may be big and clever, it is a force for good.”  (Times Online also MarketBeat, Daily Intel)

Why a financial transactions tax won’t work.  (Clusterstock)

TIPS-derived inflation expectations are on the rise.  (Capital Spectator, Across the Curve)

Putting the odds on a Fed Funds rate increase by June 2010.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Some perspective on just how bad the job loss situation for this economic cycle.  (Calculated Risk also Atlantic Business)

Deleveraging is going to happen one way or another.  (EconomPic Data)

Why are banks holding so many excess reserves?  (Alea Blog)

The Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act of 2009.  (Baseline Scenario, Big Picture)

Rick Bookstaber goes to Washington.  The SEC specifically.  (Rick Bookstaber, Credit Writedowns)

Andrew Ross Sorkin, of DealBook fame, profiled.  (NY Magazine also Clusterstock, Dealbreaker)

Justin Paterno, “Money has no time for spam.”  (Zero Beta)

Suggested reading for the potential value investor.  (Value Plays)

What does a Comcast deal for NBC Universal mean for CNBC?  (Zero Hedge)

Some free programing advice for CNBC and Fox Biz execs.  (The Reformed Broker)

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