Companies are rushing to get through the IPO window.  (WSJ, SmartMoney)

The gold market has all the makings of a bubble.  (Buttonwood, Fund My Mutual Fund also Telegraph)

If you trade gold, like GLD, you need to know this at tax time.  (FusionIQ)

Currency ETCs work better than on first blush.  (Felix Salmon, FT Alphaville)

Not every outsized options trade signals a takeover.  (Ultimi Barbarorum)

ProShares leveraged ETFs avoid any capital gains distributions in 2009.  (IndexUniverse, ibid)

Why it may be worth bothering with mutual funds from small shops.  (Morningstar)

Pimco is launching an actively managed ETF to bridge the gap between money market funds and short term bond funds, the Pimco Enhanced Short Maturity Strategy Fund (MINT).  (IndexUniverse, ETF Database)

Is merger arbitrage a worthwhile strategy for an ETF?  (Abnormal Returns also IndexUniverse)

Both Buffett and Soros heart Wal-Mart (WMT).  (MarketBeat earlier Abnormal Returns)

One day Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) is going to look (and trade) like a big conglomerate. (Felix Salmon earlier Abnormal Returns)

Has public outrage put the halt to Goldman Sachs (GS) equity outperformance?  (Bespoke)

Short selling bans affect the “quality” of a market.  (The Stash)

The Distress Index tells us nothing about future stock market returns.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Michael Panzner, “Commercial real estate seems to be the accident waiting to happen.”  (Clusterstock)

The tug of war between de-equitisation and re-equitisation is on in Europe.  (FT Alphaville)

Does financial volatility help explain economic activity?  (SSRN)

Some reasons to keep the deductibility of corporate interest payments. (Megan McArdle)

The Fed got played in the AIG bailout.  (Alea Blog, Big Picture, WSJ, 24/7 Wall St., Dealbreaker also Megan McArdle)

Bernanke thinks simply breaking up banks will not solve the too-big-to-fail problem.  (MarketBeat)

Industrial production was no great shakes in October. (Calculated Risk)

The Build America Bonds program is a high cost to the federal government.  (Time)

The electric car era yields a new term:  “range anxiety.”  (WashingtonPost also EconLog)

Daniel W. Drezner, “Of course, the problem with football — and politics — is that decision-makers are usually judged by the quality of the outcomes rather than the quality of the processes.  So, the result in both worlds is often excessive risk-aversion.”  (Foreign Policy also Deadspin)

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