Last week’s top clicks were a hit with our readers so, without any further ado here are the top ten posts Abnormal Returns readers clicked on for the week ended on Friday, November 20th.  The description is as it read in that day’s linkfest:

  1. The twenty-five most valuable blogs in America.  (24/7 Wall St.)
  2. Doug Kass, “There is a giant bubble in quant funds, and their outsized influence in buying stocks, bonds and commodities might soon be approaching the height its of popularity.” (TheStreet)
  3. Ways that individuals can play the carry trade.  (Felix Salmon)
  4. If you trade gold, like GLD, you need to know this at tax time.  (FusionIQ)
  5. When your cost of capital is 0% everything looks attractive.  (Kid Dynamite also Big Picture)
  6. A simple asset class timing model based on the slope of the yield curve.  (World Beta)
  7. The best of the bull market may already be behind us.  (Barron’s)
  8. 10 common characteristics of successful traders from Van Tharp.  (Kirk Report)
  9. Using the Taylor Rule as a check on rate expectations.  (Accrued Interest)
  10. Top stocks of the decade.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Below are links to the three top Abnormal Returns-authored posts (excluding linkfests).

  1. Is merger arbitrage a worthwhile strategy for an ETF?  (Abnormal Returns also IndexUniverse)
  2. Dogbert, Umberto Eco and Abnormal Returns. How news aggregators bring a small measure of order to the world.  (Abnormal Returns also Felix Salmon)
  3. Most people investing by the seat of your pants.  On building a testable investment process  (Abnormal Returns)

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