We apologize for missing last week, but we are back with the top ten twelve posts Abnormal Returns readers clicked on for the week ended on Friday, December 4th.  The description is as it read in that day’s linkfest:

  1. Hedge fund manager Bridgewater Associates is under fire for having gone into “depression mode” in their All-Weather portfolio.  (Pensions & Investments)
  2. Looking back at the biggest market call of the decade.  (The Reformed Broker)
  3. More fun with Shiller P/E ratios.  (FT Alphaville)
  4. How to play the end of the carry trade.  (IndexUniverse)
  5. How to (not) value gold.  (Crossing Wall Street)
  6. Dennis Gartman’s investment performance in perspective.  (Big Picture)
  7. Beginning of a bull market or simply a huge oversold bounce?  (Big Picture)
  8. For what it’s worth Citigroup’s proprietary Panic/Euphoria model is back in panic mode.  (The Money Game)
  9. “Regardless of gold’s potential price appreciation, [John] Paulson has already won on this trade.”  (market folly)
  10. Peter Eavis, “There is a $1 trillion stash of cash idling in the banking system. It’s too big to ignore, and it’s a cause for concern.”  (WSJ)
  11. Historicallythe effect interest rates have had on the stock market.  (Trader’s Narrative, MarketSci Blog)
  12. Is Seth Klarman rightfully the fund manager of the decade?  (World Beta also Distressed Debt Investing)

Just one additional Abnormal Returns-authored post this week.

  1. A handful of items on quantitative finance and high frequency trading.  (Abnormal Returns)

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