Here’s wishing all of our readers a happy (and safe) New Year!  Thank you for all your support in 2009.

Individual investor bears are a dying breed.  (Sentiment’s Edge)

“It’s time for dividends to come back into fashion.”  (Breakingviews)

2010 could see a reversal of the risk trade.  (Barron’s)

The biggest risk for corporate bonds in 2010 are higher government bond yields.  (WSJ)

Year-end is always a weird time for closed-end funds.  (Zero Hedge)

Sector winners for 2009.  (StockCharts Blog)

The worst footnote of 2009.  (footnoted)

The ultimate 2010 prediction and forecast round-up.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

Jared Woodard, “You don’t need to be a financial engineer to know that deep out of the money options can be deceptively tricky to price.”  (Condor Options)

Is the Japanese bond market doomed to failure?  (The Money Game)

Options volume set another record in 2009.  (BusinessWeek)

Evan Newmark, “Goldman Sachs will pay out big bonuses, be publicly vilified for a month and then go quietly back to printing profits.”  (Mean Street)

The economics statistics of the decade.  (Michael Mandel also Felix Salmon)

Six lessons we failed to learn in 2009.  (Big Picture)

What should we do about the banking lobby?  (Curious Capitalist)

James Hamilton, “My advice would be the sooner the Fed can return to plain vanilla central banking, the better.”  (Econbrowser)

The bull market in farmland may already be played out.  (The Money Game)

In 2009 I learned that…  (The Reformed Broker)

Felix Salmon, “While finance may or may not be good at the efficient allocation of capital, it seems to be positively bad when it comes to the efficient allocation of the labor of intelligent and perspicacious individuals.”  (Reuters)

The Google (GOOG) decade comes to an end.  (The Big Money)

“A project is strategic for Google if it affects what sits between the person clicking on an ad and the company paying for the ad.”  (Chris Dixon)

Barry Ritholtz is the Yahoo Tech Ticker Guest of the Year.  (FusionIQ)

Another blogger opts out from Seeking Alpha.  (World Beta)

Is the issue of head injuries going to transform the game of football?  (NPR)

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