December was a mixed bag of performance for the major asset classes, mainly because fixed-income was weak.”  (Capital Spectator)

Mark Hulbert, “Basing a trading strategy on the market’s performance over the first five days of January can be dangerous to your wealth.”  (Marketwatch also MarketBeat)

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Ten blasphemous trade ideas for 2010.  (Clusterstock)

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Is Chairman Bernanke in denial on the role of the Fed in the credit crisis?  (WashingtonPost, Big Picture, Baseline Scenario, 24/7 Wall St., Crossing Wall Street)

The lesson of California is that a political system too dysfunctional to avert crisis is also too dysfunctional to respond to it.”  (Ezra Klein)

On the dangers of overestimating self-control or the “restraint bias.”  (The Frontal Cortex)

Google Chrome has edged into third place in browser use.  (The Big Money)

How to get from here to there.  Mapping your goals and the plans to achieve them.  (Kirk Report)

There is a difference between linking and approval.  (Daily Dish)

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