John Carney, “Warren Buffet has consistently beaten the market with an annualized rate of return of around 22%. You cannot do this, especially not by mimicking what you think you know about Buffett’s strategy.”  (The Money Game)

A longer-term look at what Rydex market timers are doing.  (The Technical Take)

Should we care about a sub-18 VIX?  (Bespoke, Options Zone)

Traders have stopped talking about the inverse ETFs: FAZ and SRS.  (Zero Beta)

The expectations ratio is still positive.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

The biggest mistake hedge funds made on the short side in 2009.  (market folly)

The biotech boom/bubble is nigh.  (Howard Lindzon, The Reformed Broker)

Firms at risk of cash flow shortfalls.  (Morningstar)

Is AIG (AIG) stock worthless?  (The Big Money)

Research shows that the returns to a momentum strategy is dependent on the state of investor sentiment.  (SSRN)

Goldman Sachs (GS) admits that it trades against its own clients.  (DealBook)

Should you trade ETFs simply because Goldman Sachs is behind them?  (Minyanville)

The Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009.  (WashingtonPost also Felix Salmon)

The Feds want to double back and tax banks in some for or fashion.  (WSJ, WashingtonPost, Atlantic Business, Felix Salmon)

The case against Tim Geithner.  (Clusterstock)

The Fed is stuck.  (Rolfe Winkler)

Household deleveraging is going to be a global phenomenon.  (Real Time Economics, Calculated Risk)

The states have few good options to close their budget gaps.  (Economix)

On the use of game theory to help predict the future.  (Distressed Debt Investing)

“Free poker” and paper trading can only take you so far in your development.  (Texas Hold’em Investing)

Is access to the Internet suppressing our ability to think “big deep thoughts“?  (Infectious Greed)

The case of Manchester United shows that high leverage and professional sports franchises don’t jibe.  (FT Alphaville also WSJ)

Why the NFL is playing its biggest game in Washington DC and not in Miami.  (SI)

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