The Internet is a massive content creation machine. We are witnessing an explosion in the amount of content getting created every day. Most of it is garbage. But some of it is not. Machines can help us find what is good. But with the help of machines, our friends and trusted sources can and will do that even better.  Fred Wilson at A VC

The goal of Abnormal Returns since its inception has been to be one of those “trusted sources.”  The goal now is to apply that curation model in a more real-time fashion.

Last year we noted the launch of Abnormal Returns 2.0.  Today we are happy to announce a quantum leap for this site.  As of today Abnormal Returns is a fully integrated member of the StockTwits network of real-time finance sites.

To say the least we are excited for this opportunity and look forward to bringing our now expanded readership a new approach to investment news.  In addition we would remiss in not thanking our readers for their loyalty over the past four-plus years.  Without your readership we would not be at this interesting point today.

You can read the press release over at the StockTwits Blog.

News of the deal was picked up over at TechCrunch and peHUB.

The new About page provides a concise summary of what readers of the new Abnormal Returns have to look forward to.

Abnormal Returns brings the best of the finance web to its readers. Over time, it has been widely praised and has become an integral member of the investment blogosphere. Abnormal Returns is now a fully integrated member of the StockTwits network of real-time sites. In its current incarnation, Abnormal Returns has two components.

First, Abnormal Returns Classic, “A wide-ranging, forecast-free investment blog” is the version of the site that has been online since its inception in 2005. The site’s daily linkfest is relied upon by readers around the world for its consistent look at the best of the investment blogosphere.

The second component, Abnormal Returns Now is a real-time version of the site that is harnessing the power of the StockTwits community to source unique and highly relevant investment links for its readers. The site seeks to artfully blend the use of automated aggregation tools and editorial insight to curate in real-time the rapidly changing financial web.

Some readers might be concerned that their daily linkfest is going way.  That is not the case.  The daily linkfest will continue on along its merry way.  However readers now have the opportunity to check out some of these links in real-time.

It should be noted that the site is a work in progress.  We are already working on enhancements to the site that will make it a more interactive experience.  In the very near future readers will be able to suggest links to the editor and see items readers have chosen as their favorites.

It goes without saying that this transition could not have taken place without the hard work of the entire StockTwits team.  I would thank them all individually but they won’t see this because they are already working on new, exciting stuff for the StockTwits community.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to reach out to us  Feel free to leave a comment, send as an e-mail, including on Twitter @abnormalreturns.  We will be sure to read every message.