Two notable breaks of the 200 day moving average:  the US Dollar Index and China’s Shanghai Composite Index.  (Bespoke also Trader’s Narrative)

The BRICs are falling by the wayside.  (Barron’s also Behind the Headlines)

Where this pullback ranks during this market upswing.  (VIX and More)

Jeremy Grantham’s “Lessons Learned in the Decade.”  (Big Picture)

On the relationship between earnings surprises and discount rates.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Tom Brakke, “Consciously looking for the other side of things should be an integral part of your decision processes.”  (the research puzzle)

Economics and markets are not like chemistry.”  (Buttonwood)

Brett Steenbarger, “The wise trader seeks positive risk-adjusted returns, not just large returns on capital.”  (TraderFeed)

The past year was not kind to university endowments.  (BusinessWeek)

The Fed has an “asset-liability mismatch.”  (FT Alphaville)

Tim Duy, “I find it inconceivable that the Fed would be keen on normalizing rate policy without a substantial decline in unemployment, absent of course an unexpected surge of inflation.”  (Economist’s View)

In defense of Tim Geithner.  (24/7 Wall St.)

This labor recession is like no other.  (Economist’s View)

Taking a look at what happens to the economy and stock market after a housing bust.  (The Money Game)

The Apple iPad:  a FAQ.  (Tech Trader Daily, Gizmodo, Technologizer)

John Gruber, “Apple now owns and controls their own mobile CPUs. There aren’t many companies in the world that can say that.”  (Daring Fireball)

The Apple iPad is more disruptive than it looks at first glance.  (The Big Money, Marketwatch, Economist)

The Apple iPad= a big iPod Touch or Newton for that matter.  (Minyanville, peHUB, Gizmodo, All Things D, Silicon Alley Insider, Cringley)

The Apple iPad is truly something new.  We just don’t know what yet.  (David Pogue, Marginal Revolution, DJ Market Talk)

What effect will the iPad have on the Kindle?  (Bits, ibid)

How Bloomberg LP keeps making money.  (Gapper Blog)

Interesting discussion with Herb Greenberg.  (Howard Lindzon)

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