Richard Ferri, “What is the problem with micro-cap index funds and ETFs? The problem is that there are no true micro-cap index funds or ETFs. They don’t exist.”  (Forbes)

Fidelity’s lower commissions and commission-free trades in 25 iShares ETFs advances the online broker price war.  (Marketwatch, ETF Trends, Morningstar)

What is the “third generation ETF platform“?  (FT Alphaville)

Another oversold reading for the stock market.  (Bespoke)

Hedge funds had a quiet January.  (FINalternatives)

Ten largest hedge funds of 2009.  (HedgeCo.Net)

Mixed results from a couple of economic bellwethers.  (MarketBeat, DealZone)

Is Norway risking an asset bubble?  (Money Supply)

Has China switched from bull to bear?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

Australia decides to hold rates steady.  (FT Alphaville also Mish)

“Can one devise a way of spotting those countries which are most at risk from a debt crisis?”  (Buttonwood)

Investor misreaction to crises, not economic fundamentals, appear to drive stock return predictability.” (CXO Advisory Group)

Ten year venture capital returns continue to slide.  (TechCrunch, techblog)

Roy Smith, “We need to do something about firms that are too big to fail. These firms have become loss transmitters and accelerators to the rest of the system.”  (Time)

The FHA has got itself a bit of a delinquency problem.  (WashingtonPost)

Home ownership rates are down to levels last seen in 2000.  (Calculated Risk)

Comparing US and EU unemployment rates.  (EconomPic Data)

Large pharmaceutical companies can shrink only so much.  They now need new financial and scientific models.  (Atlantic Business)

The madness behind the Tesla IPO. (The Big Money)

How are we going to charge of these new electric vehicles?  (Economist)

What is “cognitive fluency“?  (Street Capitalist)

An online finance wishlist.  (New Rules of Investing)

Good reason to wait for iPad version 2.0.  (TechCrunch)

Hedge funds got crushed by the problems at MGM.  (Gawker)

Oscar nominations announced.  How Oscar campaigns work.  (IMDB, WashingtonPost)

Talk about a lost decade.  The music industry saw its sales get cut in half in the past ten years.  (CNNMoney)

The debate over multi-tasking, attention, laptops and the classroom.  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Giant squid=lower calamari prices.  (The Reformed Broker)

Your coffee sucks.  (DailyFinance)

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