Like February investors should expect more choppy asset class returns.  (Capital Spectator)

Movements in the CBOE put-call ratio have been effective in identifying turns in the S&P 500 the past year.  (VIX and More)

Tariq Ali, “Most people incorrectly assume that value investing means just investing in well run large cap stocks. It doesn’t. Value investing is buying a dollar for 50 cents.”  (Street Capitalist)

Some simple lessons for the rest of from Warren Buffett.  (ROI)

Hedge fund manager Michael Burry was one of the first to short subprime.  (DealBook)

Trying to track the true costs of owning a mutual fund.  (WSJ)

What is McDonald’s (MCD) going to do for an encore?  (24/7 Wall St.)

Why would investors want to track the S&P 500 Dividend Index?  (Minyanville)

Why you may not want to hold options over the weekend.  (Daily Options Report)

Natural gas, duh. (The Reformed Broker)

George Soros continues to push his bet on gold prices.  (Bloomberg)

Why are Chinese coal prices dropping?  (FT Alphaville)

Individual investors in China also lose when they trade.  (CXO Advisory Group)

A look at the freshly launched the Market Vectors Egypt Portfolio (EGPT).  (TheStreet)

The Pound is under attack.  (FT Alphaville, Clusterstock, MarketBeat, Bespoke)

The pieces are still not in place for a profitable surge in LBOs.  (Bloomberg)

A quantitative approach to venture capital investing.  (peHUB)

AIG (AIG) takes a big step toward dismantling itself.  (24/7 Wall St., MarketBeat)

Reducing investment return assumptions for state pension plans translate into bigger deficits.  (WSJ)

The Feds are implicitly bailing out California.  Thank goodness for that.  (The Money Game)

Greece is nowhere near a resolution.  (Baseline Scenario, Milk Trader)

Hale Stewart, “There is a common theme across the internet: US manufacturing is dead and it’s never coming back. Well, there’s a big problem with that analysis: it’s not true. In fact, as the chart above indicates, it’s actually false.”  (FiveThirtyEight)

Manufacturing continues to expand, albeit at a slower rate.  (Calculated Risk, Carpe Diem, EconomPic Data)

The growing gap between potential and actual GDP.  (Economist’s View)

By many measures the recession is not over.  (Mish)

Is the Fed premature in pulling back on monetary stimulus?  (Telegraph UK)

The scale of the damage to Chile (and its economy) is still being understood.  (Economist, FT Alphaville)

How to use blogs and microblogging [StockTwits] in your trading.  (Leigh Drogen)

TED’s recommended reading.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

An extended profile of Rupert Murdoch.  (NYMag)

What drives media slant?  (Econbrowser)

Fred Wilson, “Build and own your online brand and don’t let others define it for you.”  (A VC)

Happy 142nd birthday Tabasco sauce.  (CNNMoney)

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