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David Merkel, “Thus, my view of Berkshire Hathaway is that it is more critical as to who is the CEO/COO rather than who is the Chief Investment Officer.  The greater need is to manage the businesses, rather than manage slack cash for high returns.”  (Aleph Blog)

Pfizer (PFE) has become a hedge fund favorite.  (Reuters)

Slow down.  People are not cutting the cable cord to go all-Web.  (Tech Trader Daily)

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The Britsh pound is short-term oversold, but the longer term picture holds little hope.  (Barron’s also MaoXian)

Add the Euro to the oversold category.  (The Money Game)

Australia has it going on.  (The Money Game, Money Supply)

Another 25 bp hike Down Under.  (Money Supply, MarketBeat)

Fed governors are singlehandedly reducing the unemployment rate.  (WashingtonPost, DealBook, Big Picture)

Andrew Clavell, “Politicians are anti sovereign CDS as their existence accelerates the requirement for a response to deal with local country deficits and structural eurozone imbalances.”  (Financial Crookery)

On the benefit of naked CDS.  (Felix Salmon, FT Alphaville, Atlantic Business)

Mark Thoma, “However it’s measured, output is far too low, unemployment is far too high, and disinflation is still a worry. Don’t let the deficit and inflation hawks convince you otherwise.”  (Economist’s View, ibid)

The next ten years may be marked as the ‘austerity decade.’  (Guardian UK also Economist)

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The first review of Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short.”  (Salon)

Barry Ritholtz talks with Russ Roberts on the history of bailouts and the role of the Fed in the stock market.  (EconTalk)

Spring is here!  A new paper, “Detrending career statistics in professional baseball:  Accounting for the steroids era and beyond.”  ( via pkedrosky)

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