An indication the market may be getting overbought.  (Attitrade)

Inflation fears are overblown.  Expect low interest rates for some time to come.  (WSJ)

Three fundamental factors supporting the market recovery.  (The Reformed Broker)

Can the VIX go much lower in this cycle?  (Options Zone, WSJ also VIX and More)

Ignore the jobs report.  “The market is going to interpret the report however it wants to.” (Joe Fahmy)

On the status of gold as an asset class.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)

Companies are starting to tap their cash hoards for acquisitions.  (WSJ)

REITs love a steep yield curve.  (World Beta)

Some quirks Michael Burry and John Paulson have in common.  (Deal Journal earlier Abnormal Returns)

More data on the surge in passively managed funds.  (Morningstar)

Forewarned is forearmed.  The odds against trading success.  (Abnormal Returns)

Whitney Tilson is killing it this year.  (Clusterstock)

Bill Ackman has made a killing on his stake in General Growth Properties (GGWPQ).  (market folly also Clusterstock)

Activist investors are back.  Did they ever go away?  (Breakingviews)

Is the Blackstone Group (BX) back?  (DealBook)

It would be difficult proving hedge funds did anything wrong in shorting the Euro.  (Deal Journal contra Clusterstock)

Hedge funds are getting demonized for the problems in Greece and the Euro.  (MarketBeat)

Eric Uhlfelder, “Most observers expected big banks that survived the credit crisis to reflexively suspend preferred stock dividends to husband cash. Instead, virtually all banks — domestic and foreign — continued to pay dividends on their U.S.-traded preferreds.”  (Institutional Investor)

The CFTC promulgates the “Eddie Murphy” rule for insider trading of commodities.  (FT Alphaville)

Sovereign credit default swap rates have declined in the past month.  (Bespoke)

At the right price investors are willing to buy Greek bonds.  (Money Supply, The Source)

How vulnerable is the rest of Europe?  (FT Alphaville, NYTimes, Credit Writedowns)

Why the Chinese Yuan NOT undervalued.  (The Money Game)

Jobless claims continue to drop, albeit slowly.  (Bespoke, Calculated Risk, The Capital Spectator)

On the relationship between unemployment and mortgage delinquency rates.  (Calculated Risk)

Simon Johnson, “At current scale, our megabanks bring no social benefits and great social risks.”  (Economix)

Felix Salmon, “Robert Rubin, Goldman Sachs arbitrageur and chairman, US treasury secretary, and Citigroup grandee, was the Forrest Gump of this crisis, turning up in all the key places at all the key times.”  (Reuters)

The Federal Reserve is going to be transformed with members who take a pay cut.  (Economist, Real Time Economics)

Facebook is going public.  Just not yet.  (WSJ)

Hulu is doomed.  Viacom (VIA) is pushing it along.  (Minyanville)

The smartphone war:  Google (GOOG) vs. Apple (AAPL).  (CNNMoney)

TED’s finance-related book reading list.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

Can emotional intelligence kill your portfolio?  (Stuart Schneiderman)

StockTwits figures in a guide to online investing.  (US News)

Too big to adapt?  Andrew Sorkin’s “Too Big to Fail” coming to HBO.  (Deadline also Dealbreaker)

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