The stock market is unusually overbought.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Individual investors are becoming less bullish as the market hits new highs.  (Sentiment’s Edge)

Based on P/E ratios has the healthcare sector become a utility?  (Crossing Wall Street)

Why you shouldn’t  read too much into every little blip in the VIX.  (Options Zone)

Does Starbucks (SBUX) move presage further dividends increases?  (MarketBeat)

The return of the venture capital-backed IPO?  (Infectious Greed)

The CBOE is takeover bait.  (BusinessWeek)

Citigroup (C) is trying to off-load assets but it is a tough slog.  (WSJ)

How much would perfect foresight help in picking sectors?  (CXO Advisory Group)

It is a pretty rare event when a sell-side firm slaps a “Sell Short” rating on a stock.  (Jeff Matthews)

What stocks did well in the past “lost decade for stocks.”  (Money & Co.)

An indication that demand for high quality hedge funds is back.  (FINalternatives)

The inside story on Bill Ackman’s short bet against MBIA (MBI).  (Bloomberg via CJR)

How unencumbered cash could be used a risk measure for hedge funds. (Simoleon Sense)

The Catch-22 of private equity defaults.  (peHUB)

Why looking at the economy for clues to the stock market gets things backward.  (Systematic Relative Strength)

“The point is that forcing OTC derivatives that aren’t sufficiently liquid onto clearinghouses is not necessarily “playing it safe” from a regulatory perspective.”  (Economics of Contempt)

Why the job recession is really a “hiring crisis.”  (Atlantic Business)

More on negative swap spreads.  (MarketBeat)

David Merkel, “Be careful.  We live in a world where few governments are following orthodox rules of finance.  Indebted governments may turn to inflation, or higher taxation, or default.”  (Aleph Blog)

On the benefits of MORE foreclosure activity.  (The Big Picture)

Are home prices now undervalued?  (Real Time Economics)

What the ISM Purchasing Managers Index tells us about the state of the economy.  (Crossing Wall Street)

A round-up of economic indicators show choppy growth ahead.  (Econbrowser)

Why the return of a cash economy is good for consumers and businesses alike.  (Newsweek)

Canada’s banking system should not be a model for US reform.  (Baseline Scenario)

Is China blowing bubbles? Willem Buiter thinks so.  (FT Alphaville)

Is Australia’s luck about to run out?  (Absolute Return+Alpha)

Who knew North Dakota was an energy superpower?  (Gregor Macdonald)

Why future financial regulation will do little to solve the problems on Wall Street: the risk culture trumps regulation.  (Clusterstock)

John Carney out at Business Insider.  (Village Voice)

What is going on at BI highlights the tension between the pursuit of quality and popularity.  (Felix Salmon)

Why the econoblogosphere needs a better forum for debate.  (A Dash of Insight)

What Michael LewisThe Big Short implies for Wall Street.  (Real Clear Markets, naked capitalism)

Michael Mauboussin talks with James Surowiecki.  (New Yorker via The Big Picture)

Scientifically speaking the stuff we don’t know about our planet or the universe boggles the mind. (New Scientist, National Geographic)

How to enhance creativity?  Think like a child.  (The Frontal Cortex)

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