Easter week returns.  (Bespoke)

Just what is the state of investor sentiment?  (Big Picture)

Stocks are cheap relative to high yield bonds.  (BusinessWeek, Bloomberg)

Has John Paulson gotten too big for his own good?  (BusinessWeek also Clusterstock)

The challenge of trying to tell a story with yield curves.  (Felix Salmon)

What the NCAA tournament teaches us about survivorship bias.  (All About Alpha)

Supply glut aside, the natural gas explorers get an upgrade.  (The Reformed Broker also CNNMoney)

How did Ford Motor (F) do with Volvo?  (Crossing Wall Street)

The Feds are set to unload its huge stake in Citigroup (C) this year.  (Reuters)

A sign of the times.  High tech Getco LLC joins the NYSE as a market maker.  (WSJ)

The US dollar has rallied making many strategists look bad.  (Bloomberg)

A look at forex hedge funds.  (market folly)

Have trend following CTA returns become commoditized?  (Au.Tra.Sy Blog)

A look at the cross-section of covered-call returns based on volatility and market cap.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Is the worst of the option ARM problem behind us?  (WSJ)

The bullish case for housing.  (market folly)

“In hindsight, of course, our glut of bank branches turned out to be not only a sign of the times—but a sign of the future.”  (Jeff Matthews)

Big banks pay less, on average, on their deposits.  (Reuters Breakingviews, Atlantic Business)

What now for the mortgage market with the Fed done buying MBS?  (DJ Market Talk)

Americans just can’t seem to save money.  (Credit Writedowns, EconomPic Data, Calculated Risk)

Does high income disparity lead to a low savings rate?  (naked capitalism)

Companies are looking to build up their online reputations.  (WashingtonPost)

We have really enjoyed Fred Wilson’s MBA Mondays.  Today’s lesson: cash flow.  (A VC)

Can the iPad live up to its hype?  (NYTimes)

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