If you missed it earlier this week Abnormal Returns was named to the The 24/7 Wall St. Twenty Best Financial Blogs.  We would encourage you to check out the list in its entirety.

With no further ado here are the Abnormal Returns Now items readers clicked on the most for the week ended on Friday, April 2nd.  The description is as it read in that day’s linkfest:

  1. Bill Gross thinks the multi-decade bull market in fixed income is over.  (Bloomberg)
  2. Official numbers aside the misery index is worsening.  (TheStreet)
  3. Some hedge fund managers are seeing a Verizon-related opportunity in Vodafone (VOD) shares.  (market folly)
  4. Mohamed El-Erian and Pimco are staying away from US Treasuries.  (CBS MoneyWatch)
  5. Now the 7-year swap spread has gone negative.  (FT Alphaville)
  6. Airline traffic (and shipping demand) continues to rebound.  (Reuters, The Money Game)
  7. An old reliable SPY set-up.  (Quantifiable Edges)
  8. Is the market going to take a breather from beta?  (The Pragmatic Capitalist)
  9. The iPad reviews trickle in.  (Pogue, Mossberg, Gizmodo)
  10. “Much more than philosophy, investing should be a solitary activity. A group of people or colleagues you can check your ideas with is a good thing, but you must take responsibility for your investments yourself.”  (Ultimi Barbarorum earlier Abnormal Returns)

There were also a handful of Abnormal Returns-authored posts this week:

  1. Every trading system undergoes drawdowns.  What matters is how to you react to them.  (Abnormal Returns also Greenbackd)
  2. There is a huge gap between the financial media and what ultimately happens in your portfolio.  (Abnormal Returns)

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