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Should we fear a 4.0% ten-year Treasury yield?  (Bespoke, The Money Game)

A low put/call ratio is a red flag for the market.  (VIX and More)

To what degree has the current stock market rally been an institutional one?  (DJ Market Talk)

Macro hedge funds have not cleaned up on recent sovereign crieses.  (FT)

Bond buyers are sniffing out risky securities again in a search for yield.  (WSJ)

Windows 7.0 is a hit, but nobody seems to care.  (Newsweek)

On the importance of how a company uses its cash.  (FT)

Are companies going to spend some of their cash hoard on buybacks?  (Bloomberg)

What is behind the acquisition spree at Morningtar (MORN)?  (Chicago Business)

Absolute return (and commodity) funds have not lived up to their hype.  (WSJ, ibid)

Be wary when sell-side proprietary traders launch a hedge fund.  (Felix Salmon)

If you have a dream about a bubble, pay heed.  (Jeff Matthews)

How earnings estimates are formed.  (the research puzzle)

New muni ETFs have set maturity dates.  (WSJ)

CEO compensation is incomprehensible.  (24/7 Wall St.)

Exploring how markets can develop a “negative bubble.”  (Simoleon Sense)

What happens to a stock’s volatility as it approaches a 52-week high (or low)?  (SSRN)

Combining demographics and the dividend-price ratio to forecast long run equity risk premia.  (voxEU via Economist’s View)

Why consumers have yet to feel the upward pressure in commodity prices.  (WSJ)

Canadian oil sands are still a risky source of oil (and profits).  (Reuters Breakingviews)

Do we really want the Financial Stability Oversight Council to have all that much discretion?  (Baseline Scenario)

Matt Taibbi is back with a piece on Wall Street’s role in derivative use by municipalities.  (Rolling Stone also Clusterstock)

The Aruoba-Diebold-Scotti business conditions index is no longer rolling over.  (The Money Game)

The ISM Services index showed a nice jump.  (EconomPic Data)

More on the “solid” jobs report.  (FiveThirtyEight)

Look for a jump in the jobless rate as discouraged workers come back into the work force.  (WashingtonPost)

The EU doesn’t have the tools the US has to help out its member states.  (New Yorker)

Will the iPad replace your television?  (Marginal Revolution)

Funniest item of the day.  (The Onion)

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