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The SEC sues Goldman Sachs (GS) for (subprime) fraud.  (NYTimes, WSJ, Clusterstock)

Goldman will need to answer for its actions.  (Felix Salmon, Baseline Scenario, MarketBeat, Curious Capitalist)

A $1 billion CDO deal has cost Goldman shareholders some $14.5 billion in market cap.  (Bespoke)

Have retail investors been lured back into the surging stock market?  (MarketBeat, Deal Journal, DJ Market Talk)

Equity sentiment is surging.  (The Pragmatic Capitalist, Bespoke also Marketwatch)

On the return of the buy-and-hold crowd.  (Abnormal Returns)

Assuming events like the credit crisis away, two professors recommend young people buy stocks on margin.  (Time, Sentiment’s Edge)

Retail investors are buying calls hand over fist.   (Trader’s Narrative)

Utilities are like stocks AND bonds.  (Aleph Blog)

Emerging market bonds are on fire.  (The Money Game)

Anatomy of a “gut trade.”  (Derek Hernquist)

The number of “green IPOs” filed is surging.  (earth2tech)

Is the $10 billion LBO back?  (DealBook)

LBO firms are back to their old ways.  Dividend recaps are back.  (Bloomberg)

Does “junk commercial paper” actually exist?  (Bloomberg)

What Michael Lewis thinks of Wall Street.  (Baseline Scenario)

Banks are cleaning up with low interest rates.  What about savers?  (NYTimes)

Former Merrill Lynch shareholders would like this $50 billion decision back.  (Deal Journal, FT Alphaville, Credit Writedowns)

“In this crisis, model risk went, pretty much overnight, from something which no one spent much time worrying about to something which everybody was terrified of.”  (Felix Salmon)

State tax revenues have stabilized.  (Real Time Economics)

Housing figures continue to show a “slow and sluggish” rebound.  (Bespoke, Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data)

Americans are poised to start remodeling their homes again.  (Atlantic Business)

A new inflation diffusion index.  (Real Time Economics)

The revaluation of the Singapore dollar has been underplayed.  (Gregor Macdonald)

Economists need more historical perspective, less math.  (CBS Moneywatch)

Don’t hire overqualifed workers if you want to stay in charge.  (Real Time Economics)

A new paper from Meb Faber, “Relative Strength Strategies for Investing.”  (SSRN)

A positive review of Stephen Drobny’s The Invisible Hands.  (market folly)

A look at James Montier’s The Little Book of Behavioral Investing.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Daniel Gross reviews of The Big Short and The End of Wall Street.  (NYTimes)

Demand Media is planning an IPO.  (FT)

Twitter is now acting like a business.  (FT, NYTimes, GigaOM)

Eddy Elfenbein is the best “buy and hold” blogger.  (Money)

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