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The SEC is back on the beat.  (NYTimes)

Who’s next in line for the SEC?  (naked capitalism, FT Alphaville)

The UK and Germany want a piece of Goldman Sachs.  (Bloomberg)

The SEC is not done looking at “soured” mortgage deals.  (WSJ also Bloomberg)

Did Goldman’s actions actually represent “fraud“?  (Deal Journal also FT Alphaville)

The Goldman case may turn on the meaning of the word:  “selected.”  (Bloomberg)

Should Goldman have disclosed its Wells Notice?  (footnoted)

What did Goldman know and when did they know it?  (Felix Salmon)

ACA was a really bad CDO manager.  (FT Alphaville also Gapper Blog)

Who is IKB and did they get suckered?  (Jeff Matthews)

On the “utter fecklessness”  of investors during the housing bubble.  (James Surowiecki)

Did Warren Buffett get snookered by Goldman?  (Bloomberg)

Lawyers are going to line up to sue banks over CDO deals.  (Infectious Greed)

Henry Blodget vs. Felix Salmon, Round Two.  The Goldman edition.  (Clusterstock, Reuters)

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankenfein is toast.  (Clusterstock)

Lloyd Blankenfein is out of touch.  (Bloomberg)

Bad timing for Goldman to announce big bonuses.  (DealBook, Bloomberg)

Greg Zuckerman on whether John Paulson be charged.  (Tech Ticker)

John Paulson needs a good lawyer.  (Baseline Scenario)

Will Goldman’s problems have an effect on the oil market?  (The Reformed Broker)

Is Goldman stock a good buy?  (Crossing Wall Street)

Now for some non-Goldman links:

A look at Monday action after a big Friday drop.  (Quantifiable Edges)

Buying out-of-money puts to build “plunge protection.” (The Money Game also BusinessWeek)

The VXX does not track the VIX.  (Investing With Options)

The yield curve is extremely steep and is distorting the capital markets.  (Minyanville)

Europe’s ETFs can be hopelessly complex.  (FT Alphaville)

A neat chart of the relationship between dividends and market prices.  (Political Calculations)

Expect a pick-up in hedge fund M&A.  (The Source)

It looks like Bill Ackman is a fan of KFC’s Double Down.  (market folly)

Apple (AAPL) is set to announce earnings.  How much is it worth?  (Apple 2.0, ibid)

Enhancing momentum indicators with volume and accounting indicators.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Are higher energy prices putting pressure on consumer confidence?  (Econbrowser)

A stronger Yuan would not necessarily be a boon to domestic manufacturers.  (WSJ)

Ezra Klein, “Can we pass a law against complexity?”  (WashingtonPost)

Investing lessons from the Boston Marathon.  (Value Plays)

An audio book club discusses Michael LewisThe Big Short.  (Slate also Ultimi Barbarorum)

In praise of Gary Gorton’s Slapped By the Invisible Hand.  (Economic Principals)

A behavioral economics reading list.  (Farnam Street)

Value Plays is a “blog worth reading.”  (Kiplinger’s)

Imitation, versus innovation, as a business strategy.  (Boston Globe)

Grade inflation is worse at private colleges.  (Economix)

How product price can signal quality.  (A VC)

Defense is the new cutting edge in baseball statistics.  (NY Mag)

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