We are going to change things up a bit this week.  This week we are going to show the top clicks on both Abnormal Returns Now and Abnormal Returns Classic.  Without any further ado here are the items readers clicked most frequently for the week ended Friday, April 23rd.  Where applicable the description is as it reads in the linkfest.

Abnormal Returns Now:

  1. Hedge fund of funds are scrambling to justify their existence.  (Economist)
  2. John Paulson is now calling for a V-type economic recovery.  (Deal Journal)
  3. Jeremy Grantham is worried about bubbles in the Canadian and Australian housing markets.  (FTfm also Tech Ticker)
  4. Ways to play a market bubble.  (WSJ)
  5. Goldman wants to rely on the “big boy” defense.  (Deal Journal also The Daily Beast)
  6. Fred Hickey on the risks of a dollar collapse.  (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
  7. How did you react to the Goldman news?  (The Reformed Broker)
  8. Why Netflix (NFLX) stock is a bad buy at the moment.  (Crossing Wall Street)
  9. The Mid-Weekender.  (Kirk Report)
  10. A big contrarian call on natural gas.  (The Reformed Broker)

Abnormal Returns Classic:

  1. A historically good market buy signal is flashed. (Marketwatch)
  2. A closer look at EEM:SPY as a risk indicator.  (Quantifiable Edges)
  3. What a a 100-year stock chart says.  (Curious Capitalist)
  4. We are entering a period of “equity grind.”  (The Money Game)
  5. Ways to play a market bubble.  (WSJ)
  6. Did Warren Buffett get snookered by Goldman?  (Bloomberg)
  7. A perfect example of a small, unloved company.  (Crossing Wall Street)
  8. Don’t disagree with the hosts on CNBC if you want to come back.  (Daily Options Report)
  9. Putting the unhealthiest fast food sandwiches to the test. (FiveThirtyEight)
  10. The yield curve is extremely steep and is distorting the capital markets.  (Minyanville)

Just one additional Abnormal Returns-authored post this week:

  1. On the value of making your mental models stand up to the rigors of testing.  (Abnormal Returns)

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