Don’t fight the ECB!  (The Money Game)

Insiders have scaled back their selling. (Marketwatch)

How volatility affects a momentum strategy.  (Barron’s)

The momentum paradox.  (Abnormal Returns)

What is the VIX good for?  (Options Zone also Daily Options Report)

Barton Biggs is bullish.  (Bloomberg)

Some simple advice for traders in a volatile environment.  (Joe Fahmy)

Using the McClellan Oscillator to identify intermediate term lows.  (Trader’s Narrative)

2010 tech IPOs have cooled markedly in the secondary market.   (The Reformed Broker)

On the benefits of being short in a mutual fund structure.  (All About Alpha)

‘Is the equity risk premium an artifact of the Great Depression?  (The Atlantic)

The corporate bond market fails a simple risk-return test.  (Falkenblog also Crossing Wall Street)

Paluson & Co. is getting “too big to succeed.”  (FINalternatives)

Bruce Berkowitz continues to buy AIG (AIG) shares.  (market folly)

Ready or not, KKR is coming to market.  (DealBook)

Five things will still don’t know about the flash crash.  (The Big Money, Clusterstock)

The simplest explanation of the crash:  people stopped buying stocks.  (Business Insider)

How did private equity avoid its inevitable crisis?  (peHUB)

Distressed investors are waiting for values to emerge in commercial real estate.  (The Money Game)

An uptick in small business optimism.  (Atlantic Business)

A closer look at the Euro bailout package and how it fundamentally changes Europe.  (Der Spiegel)

What does the Eurozone get out of the bailout?  (Marginal Revolution)

The European crisis is fundamentally due to the misguided currency union.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Inflationary pressures rise in China.  (NYTimes)

Government policy and market stability have become “intertwined.”  (The Daily Beast)

Minneapolis Fed President Kocherlakota comes out in favor of a risk-based bank tax.  (Real Time Economics)

Battery technology weighs heavily in the coming energy transition.  (Gregor Macdonald)

Foursquare is doomed.  In part because people get tired of playing games.  (The Big Money)

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