Copper has fallen below its 200 day moving average.  (MarketBeat, ibid)

Why the United States Oil Fund (USO) has been getting crushed of late.  (IndexUniverse)

BP (BP) aside, is it time to look at the integrated oil companies?  (WSJ)

On the benefits of international diversification when it comes to commodities.  (All About Alpha)

Deflation and the rising US dollar.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Purchasing power parity says the Aussie dollar is overvalued the Euro still is not cheap.  (The Money Game)

An actual bull case for the Euro.  (The Money Game also The Reformed Broker)

Does corporate credit need a risk re-pricing?  (WSJ)

Can corporate profits continue to grow as a percentage of GDP?  (Free exchange)

Howard Simons, “Market panics provide opportunities in two dimensions, low price and high volatility.”  (Minyanville)

A look at the VSTOXX/VIX ratio.  (VIX and More)

Now that the mobile Internet is here the markets are shunning the network operators.  (FT)

Why are solar stocks in such a funk?  (DailyFinance)

GM posts a profit.  Heads toward an IPO.  (Bloomberg, MarketBeat)

Man Group pays up for hedge fund manager GLG Partners (GLG).  (FT Alphaville, ibid, The Source, DealZone)

TIAA-CREF wants to get into the business of managing endowments.  (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Rising political risk=greater volatility.  (New Yorker, Felix Salmon)

High frequency traders are increasingly under scrutiny post-flash crash.  (NYTimes)

An interesting wish list of Wall Street fixes. (Big Picture)

The week in good economic news.  (Disciplined Approach)

Decoupling is a myth.  (The Reformed Broker)

Do credit default swaps on states need more scrutiny?  (FT)

Putting austerity into some perspective.  (Infectious Greed, The Money Game)

Is Europe a broken concept?  (DealBook, Professor Pinch)

How Europe eventually splits in two.  (The Money Game also EconomPic Data)

Greece declares war on Wall Street.  (BondSquawk also Kid Dynamite)

Spain never should have joined the Euro.  (Credit Writedowns)

What role do the size of “shadow economies” play in the Euro crisis?  (Econbrowser)

Ireland is a test case for the European Union.  (voxEU also TheStreet)

Opportunism and executive compensation.  (Economix)

It’s like a Bloom Box but with uranium.  (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Russ Roberts talks causes of the credit crisis.  (EconTalk)

On the challenges of managing the flow of information in any investment organization.  (Howard Lindzon)

Online poker as a training ground for trading.  (LATimes)

Wholesale California marijuana prices are falling.  (Planet Money)

More reviews of Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps.  (Bloomberg, Times Online)

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