Signs that the market is getting oversold.  (Fund My Mutual Fund, Bespoke, Ticker Sense)

The VIX is approaching pre-2008 record highs.  (VIX and More also FT Alphaville)

Tracking the damage by sector (and stock) from the market peak.  (Bespoke, Trader’s Narrative)

The market is breaking down and approaching official correction levels.  (Bespoke, MarketBeat)

Technicians are increasingly worried about the state of the stock market.  (Barron’s, MarketBeat)

Some hedgies are taking risk “off the table.”  (Dealbreaker)

Large, complicated financials” have become “uninvestable.”  (FT Alphaville also Street Sweep)

REITs are expensive as commercial real estate prices remain weak.  (Morningstar, BondSquawk)

Insiders keep on buying.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Iron condors explained.  (Barron’s)

The “silent” crash in commodities signals deflation.  (Barron’s)

Apparently the flash crash scared money out of the market.  (The Reformed Broker, WSJ)

Neat graphics tracking the “extreme trades” of the flash crash.  (Deal Journal)

Want to buy some Wells Fargo (WFC) warrants?  (Street Sweep)

What noted value investor Lewis Sanders is doing with a fresh start.  (Institutional Investor)

“In a sense, managing risk involves managing the emotional side of trading so that the focus can be on the cognitive side of trading.”  (Attitrade)

The case for timberland as a portfolio diversifier.   (All About Alpha)

The evolution of modern portfolio theory.  (Institutional Investor)

Is modern portfolio theory out-of-date?  (Invest With An Edge via Random Roger)

Can the equity risk premium really be zero?  (Free exchange also Curious Capitalist)

Why should risk be rewarded?  (World Beta earlier Abnormal Returns)

The SPDR Barclays Capital International Corporate Bond ETF (IBND) fills a hole in the ETF universe.  (IndexUniverse earlier Abnormal Returns)

Pimco rotates out of Europe.  (Zero Hedge)

Options traders are betting against China.  (BusinessWeek)

It wasn’t just exchanges that had problems during the flash crash.  (WSJ, FT)

The LEI was down for the first time in a year.  (EconomPic Data, Atlantic Business)

Can we grow our way out of debt?  (Mandel on Innovation)

The very bad luck of the Irish.  (Baseline Scenario)

Ken Rogoff on the state of the current crisis.  (Ezra Klein)

Why the search for an economic “new normal” is taking so long.  (money supply)

In search of new financial leadership for the new normal.  (Abnormal Returns also CNBC, Atlantic Business)

On the need for “stubborn determination” to succeed in trading.  (Kirk Report)

VCs on why you shouldn’t invest in venture capital.  (peHUB)

Breaking:  Amanda Drury loves Dealbreaker.  (Dealbreaker)

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