Expect a lot of head-and-shoulder talk.  (The Reformed Broker also chessNwine)

Jeff Miller, “The European situation is going to take many months — perhaps even years — to unfold. The best thing investors can do is to understand that this is not a replay of 2008.”  (A Dash of Insight)

The market is still overvalued.  (The Money Game)

Are you a discretionary trader?  (The Trend Rida)

Ten mistakes by BP (BP) a trader should never make.  (SMB Training)

Barry Ritholtz goes back to find a “zen philosophy of trading.”  (Big Picture)

A June seasonality map.  (MarketSci Blog)

Secondary transactions involving private equity stakes are on the rise.  (FT)

Fraud Girl, “Credit agencies are simply financial astrologists fixated to predict the future.  An agency telling you an instrument is AAA rated does not mean you should believe it.”  (Simoleon Sense)

Should we end the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?  (Carpe Diem)

Simon Johnson, “Our top policymakers are simply convinced that what is good for the biggest and most dangerous element on Wall Street is good for the American economy.”  (Baseline Scenario)

Truck tonnage increased in April.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Signs that the European credit crunch is ongoing.  (Prof. Pinch)

Spain is unlikely to pull itself out of its debt-driven crisis.  (Telegraph UK also WSJ)

India’s GDP growth is “flying.”  (beyondbrics)

Preparing for the worst-case scenario in the Gulf.  (NYTimes, FT)

Tim Harford reviews “The Upside of Irrationality” by Dan Ariely.  (FT)

Apps vs. Safari on the iPad.  (A VC)

The future of personal computing.  (Baseline Scenario, ibid)

Once again why is Steve Ballmer still CEO of Microsoft (MSFT)?  (Monday Note)

Is Amazon (AMZN) losing its edge as a media retailer?  (GigaOM also NYTimes)

How effective will lost-cost tablet computers be against the iPad?  (FT)

Who wants to buy Newsweek?  (NYTimes)

On the utility “sharp commentary” from a good prediction-free blog.  (The Reformed Broker)

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