This is an early (and abridged) edition of the linkfest. For all the latest links check out Abnormal Returns Now.

Insiders are buying the dip.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Doug Kass on the tensions between cyclical tailwinds and secular headwinds.  (TheStreet)

The commodity death cross.  (Fundmastery Blog)

The for-profit education sector is the next target of hedge funds.  (The Money Game)

Pay attention to when the VIX tells you something unexpected.  (Daily Options Report)

Proprietary traders are exiting Wall Street for Hedgistan.  (WSJ)

Pressures are growing in the corporate bond market.  (BondSquawk)

Warren Buffett warns on the risks of muni bonds.  (Money & Co., Planet Money)

The market correction has created opportunities in some closed-end funds.  (Barron’s)

The odds of a BP (BP) takeover are slim.  (Deal Journal, Globe Investor)

Another batch of commodity ETFs coming to a trading screen near you.  (ETFdb)

Heed what the EIA is saying about future oil supplies.  (Econbrowser)

The auto industry is doing better, but still not great.  (DJ Market Talk)

“Don’t give up liquidity without fair compensation.”  (Aleph Blog)

As a trader you must learn to love uncertainty.  (Kirk Report)

The all-you-can-eat data buffet is closed.  AT&T (T) changes their iPhone data plans.  (Daring Fireball, GigaOM)

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