Bear market or correction?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Signs that the market is oversold.  (Quantifiable Edges, Dr. Duru, Bespoke)

Signs of hope in the advance-decline line.  (Trader’s Narrative, Bespoke)

Mutual fund investors continue to pull money out of equities.  (The Money Game)

The markets are sick.  Do you have a plan?  (Howard Lindzon)

ETF liquidity is now a known issue.  (Big Picture, WSJ)

How does gold compare to other real assets.  (A VC also IWO)

Orange juice prices look to move higher on a poor harvest in Brazil.  (FT)

Looking for value in the drillers.  (Street Capitalist)

Discuss:  3 month Libor vs. the 2 year Treasury.  (Prof. Pinch)

The volatility term structure is flat as a pancake.  (Daily Options Report)

Asset allocation is much more difficult in this environment.  (Humble Student)

Mario Gabelli’s star fades, but his paycheck doesn’t.  (WSJ)

What should we make of continued strength at Dollar General (DG)?  (Fortune)

A new Build America Bond ETF is coming as some cities face the downside of the program.  (IndexUniverse, Bloomberg)

The pop in the economy is now fading.  (Big Picture)

Should we fear a real slowdown in tax receipts in 2011?  (Points and Figures, The Money Game also CNBC)

Help wanted shows continued strength in the economy.  (Value Plays, ibid)

Problems in Europe are likely to keep the Fed on hold.  (WSJ)

What would a “core” Euro look like?  (Credit Writedowns)

Doubts remain about Hungary’s government.  (DealBook, beyondbrics, The Money Game)

Is Canada’s experience a model for Europe?  (The Source)

The Euro is dead as a reserve currency.  (Money Supply, MarketBeat)

China’s banks are under pressure.  (DealBook, FT Alphaville)

Is a lost decade now inevitable?  (Business Insider, Calculated Risk)

Crisis wasted:  global rebalancing will have to wait.  (Tim Duy)

Public sector workers are the new enemy.  (Business Insider)

A look at the future of BP (BP) (and its dividend).  (Fortune also FT Alphaville)

The last decade shows us the value of regulation.  (New Yorker)

Bryan Burroughs interviews Steve Cohen.  (Vanity Fair)

Speaking of rare interviews Absolute Return interviews Seth Klarman.  (Greenbackd)

Are private companies better run than public companies?  (FT)

Asset bubbles can’t be eliminated.  (HBR)

The higher education bubble is about to burst.  (Carpe Diem)

Are gadgets, and the resultant multi-tasking, ruining your ability to think?  (Farnam Street also The Frontal Cortex)

Market valuations tend to move along with measures of “public satisfaction.”  (CXO Advisory Group)

How “creating value” can help lead to happiness.  (Falkenblog)

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