Maybe traders should simply take the summer off.  (Points and Figures)

The S&P 500 is breaking down.  (Credit Writedowns, Trader’s Narrative)

But is definitely oversold.  (Big Picture, Disciplined Approach)

The most oversold ETFs.  (Bespoke)

The snap-back rally is over.  What comes next?  (The Reformed Broker)

Is the Euro finally setting up for some sort of bounce?  (Barron’s)

Bubbles are harder to spot in real-time than commonly thought.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Gold market timers are not particularly bullish.  (Barron’s also Maoxian)

Joe Weisenthal, “The bottom line is: it’s great to be a gold bull and make money. But basing your investment decisions on some moral concept of money, or some sense of destiny is a disastrous idea.”  (The Money Game)

It slices, it dices…How can gold be both an inflation and deflation hedge?  (The Reformed Broker)

There is no statistical basis for a “summer rally.”  (Marketwatch)

Options traders are pretty bearish.  (BusinessWeek, SurlyTrader)

Can the VIX be used as a timing tool?  (Options Zone)

If most stocks go down over time, how can buy-and-hold work?  (Systematic Relative Strength)

Hedge fund of funds are an endangered species.  (Street Sweep)

Ken Griffin is out pounding the pavement to raise capital for two newish hedge funds.  (Crain’s Chicago Business)

The Toys R’Us IPO is a bellwether for the eventual KKR IPO.  (WSJ)

Still hard to find many opportunities in distressed debt.  (Distressed Debt Investing)

A look at the shape of the bubble in the Shanghai Composite.  (dshort)

More on the financialization of commodities.  (Abnormal Returns also Au.Tra.Sy Blog)

Why aren’t oil prices higher already?  (Infectious Greed)

Could BP go bankrupt?  (DealBook also Atlantic Business)

A new ETF to track the price Brent crude is coming to market.  (Morningstar)

Is it time for Australia and Canada to disengage from each other?  (Minyanville)

Is there a “dollar shortage“?  (FT Alphaville)

How much will banks lose in the financial reform bill?  (Politico)

Goldman Sachs (GS) management just doesn’t get it.  (Big Picture, Dealbreaker, True/Slant, Felix Salmon also Deal Journal)

Why the jobs number is worse than it looks, and may not get much better even if the economy recovers.  (ROI, Bloomberg)

Markets are betwixt and between on the economy.  (FT)

How much should we worry about the rapid turn in the ECRI? (FT Alphaville)

Using the proper measure, federal debt is not approaching 100% of GDP.  (The Money Game)

Manpower (MAN) sees more demand for workers.  (Reuters also CNBC)

Interesting split as consumer credit inches higher.  (EconomPic Data, Calculated Risk)

Rail traffic is softening.  (Calculated Risk)

Trucking demand is on the rise.  (The Money Game)

Used vehicle prices are firming.  (Carpe Diem)

Small business confidence is on the rise, albeit tentatively.  (Bloomberg)

The case for more stimulus.  (Atlantic Business, Brad Delong)

Another sovereign CDS curve, Spain, has inverted.  (FT Alphaville)

Can emerging markets save the global economy?  (Project Syndicate)

Turkey is Europe’s lone economic bright spot.  (beyondbrics)

China’s price edge is rapidly evaporating.  (NYTimes, The Money Game)

Wal-Mart (WMT) will soon have more stores overseas than in the US.  (WashingtonPost)

Is the golden age of mobile and online advertising finally here?  (GigaOM)

It looks like the Apple (AAPL) iPad is going to kill the netbook.  (Apple 2.0)

The new iPhone is here.  But man is it going to eat data.  And many questions remain. (WSJ, Leigh Drogen, Technologizer)

Using the comic strip indicator as an investment signal.  (Abnormal Returns)

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