We have been experimenting with a new screencasting feature here at Abnormal Returns.  The Screenr function at Chart.ly allows anyone to record and upload a screencast of up to five minutes.  We have been using this feature to offer a little bit more explanation on some of the links in our daily linkfest.  As you can see it is not limited to technicians. Below you can see our screencast from earlier today talking about the state of the economy.  In it we walk through some posts in today’s linkfest that discuss signs of economic weakness (and strength).  In addition we have listed the other screencasts we recorded during the past week.

  • Sunday, June 13th:  NFLX:  An Abnormal Returns screencast. Stock buybacks are a sideshow at this point for $NFLX shareholders.
  • Monday, June 14th:  SBUX:  Should Starbucks shareholders care all that much about the surge in coffee prices ($KC_F)?
  • Tuesday, June 15th:  CBOE:  The CBOE IPO may strike some as pricey, but can you truly put a price on scarcity value?
  • Wednesday, June 16th:  FDX:  FedEx, the effect of the BP oil spill on Russia ($RSX) and a cool infographic in today’s screencast.
  • Thursday, June 17th:  BP:  More on BP as a battleground stock. Investors now focusing on BP bonds and related stocks.
  • Friday, June 18th:  CAT:  Caterpillar vs. the ECRI: who should we believe on the state of the economic recovery? If you have any questions or comments about this new feature please feel free to contact us.