A preview of Q2 earnings.  (MarketBeat)

A bid still remains under the Treasury market.  (FT Alphaville, Bespoke)

Hedge funds are covering their Euro shorts.  (market folly)

Rydex market timers hate energy services.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Gold market timers are “unexpectedly cautious.”  (Marketwatch)

Trading profits have hit an “airpocket.”  (Street Sweep)

Investors are increasingly bypassing hedge fund of funds.  (FT)

Momentum rocks.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Everyone is now a macro “expert.” (The Reformed Broker)

How fundamentals and technicals interact:  leverage.  (CSS Analytics, IWO)

Are there predictable patterns of return continuation in equities?  (SSRN)

Junk bonds are the new sovereigns.  (Infectious Greed, FT Alphaville)

What is a PCF or portfolio composition file and how does it matter for your ETF?  (FT Alphaville)

ETF MLPs are tricker than they look.  (Morningstar also 24/7 Wall St.)

For all you value hounds a media stock trading at 2x cash.  (Financial Adviser)

“Sometimes it’s not enough to have a good strategy, you also need to understand why it’s a good strategy in order to profit in the long term. ”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

The Gulf drilling moratorium is lifted, for now.  (Bloomberg)

What is private equity going to do with all that cash?  (WSJ)

The FDIC:  Congress continues to be generous with your money.  (Street Sweep)

New home sales collapse.  (Calculated Risk, Bespoke, Big Picture, Curious Capitalist, Atlantic Business, EconomPic Data)

Lakshman Achuthan and Anirvan Banerji, “A slowdown in U.S. economic growth is imminent, but a new recession is not.”  (Big Picture)

The Baltic Dry Index is on a 17 day losing streak.  (Bespoke also Data Diary, The Source)

What’s next for the Fed?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Should we fear a little bit of inflation?  (Economix)

Suburban population growth has slowed.  (Real Time Economics)

Europe is not homogenous.  Nor will the effects of a weaker Europe be. (EconomPic Data, FT Alphaville)

Skepticism that the IPO of Booz Allen Hamilton will actually make for a better company.  (WashingtonPost)

Is Apple now “too big to succeed“?  (Bloomberg also Minyanville)

It is Apple (AAPL) and everyone else in the Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ).  (Bespoke also AR Screencast)

The new iPhone rocks.  (WSJ, NYTimes)

Apple has sold 3 million iPads to-date.  (Apple 2.0, ibid)

Microsoft (MSFT) is languishing.  (FT)

The story surrounding the Tesla IPO keeps on getting more interesting.  (DealBook also earth2tech)

Jeff Miller, “A valuable investor skill is identifying the real experts.  Hardly anyone can do this.  Evaluating expertise is difficult.”  (A Dash of Insight)

What you can learn from Victor Niederhoffer’s blow-ups.  (VIX and More, Random Roger)

How are people spending their time these days?  (EconomPic Data)

The bluefin tuna is at risk from overfishing.  (NYTimes, Economist)

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