We hope you are enjoying our ongoing series of screencasts.  The Screenr functionality at Chart.ly is well worth a look for anyone looking to illustrate their investment ideas.

We have linked below to our screencasts from the week ended June 25th.  Below you can find our most recent screencast embedded.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or feedback.

Monday, June 21st:  MINT: Is $MINT the actively managed ETF that is going to launch a wave of new like-minded funds?

Tuesday, June 22nd:  HD:  Expectations for a stronger housing market this year have evaporated as weaker statistics roll in.

Wednesday, June 23rd:  QQQQ:  $AAPL now dominates the $QQQQ. On the importance of knowing what you own when it comes to ETFs.

Thursday, June 24th:  SPY:  Competition (Vanguard) continues to heat up for plain-vanilla ETFs like the S&P 500 ($SPY, $IVV).

Friday, June 25th:  NFLX:  Does your investment approach take into account situations like $NFLX? If not, it should.