What is the bond market telling us with such low yields?  (MarketBeat)

The trading range illustrated.  (VIX and More)

Mixed indicators, time frames and the week ahead.  (A Dash of Insight)

More corporate bonds are trading at distressed levels.  (Bloomberg, naked capitalism)

Feedback cycles and the parallels between trading and poker.  (TraderFeed)

The power of indices:  the case of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB).  (Street Sweep also AR Screencast)

Honesty and openness are rare qualities for a fund manager.  (Deus Ex Macchiato)

Investor motives seems to affect investment returns.  (CXO Advisory Group)

What the Tesla IPO means for the green car biz.  (earth2tech, WSJ, CNBC)

Another casualty of the BP oil spill, its energy trading unit.  (NYTimes)

It usually takes multiple tries for a relief well to work.  (FT, ibid)

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index shows a rise in May.  (Calculated Risk, Carpe Diem, Big Picture)

Personal income is higher, but not far above recession lows.  (Calculated Risk, WSJ, Carpe Diem, Atlantic Business)

What are we to make of the divergence in two leading economic indicators?  (Minyanville)

Is the double-dip already here?  (The Source, Free exchange, Minyanville)

Are home prices too high or too low?  (Big Picture)

What percentage of defaults are “strategic” in nature?  (Developments)

The unemployment situation is great for employers, not so hot for those without specialized skills.  (Bloomberg)

From the G20 Mohamed El-Erian sees “..reinforces the concern than we are in for a future of muted growth, deleveraging, periodic debt dislocations in some countries, and higher protectionist pressures.  (FT Alphaville also Curious Capitalist)

Can Europeans really handle austerity?  (The Money Game)

Russia’s imperialist urges contrast with its need for economic reform.  (Economist, beyondbrics)

A Fed economist thinks economic bloggers generate more noise than signal.  (FT Alphaville, Zero Hedge, The Money Illusion, EconLog, Free exchange)

Financial literacy is shockingly bad.  (New Yorker)

The Lenny Dykstra story keeps getting worse.  (The Daily Beast, Daily Options Report)

On the power of emerging network states.   (A VC)

Why does everyone feel the need to become an all-purpose “trading guru“?  (SMB Training)

Specialization and the evolving econoblogosphere.  (Abnormal Returns)

Alex Perry, “The ambition, speed and scale of Chinese involvement in Africa is extraordinary.”  (Time also TRB, Infectious Greed)

Apple (AAPL) blows past estimates for iPhone 4.0 sales.  (Digital Daily also Minyanville, Financial Adviser, Planet Money)

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