Record low yields for the 2 year note.  (VIX and More)

Bonds are not in bubble territory.  (BondSquawk also Capital Spectator)

The Treasury market rally can’t go on forever.  (WashingtonPost, WSJ)

Just how long is the long run for stocks?  (EconomPic Data, Crossing Wall Street)

Idiosyncratic volatility and long term equity returns.  (Falkenblog)

Point, counterpoint on the stock market.  (Trader’s Narrative)

A look at the short week ahead.  (A Dash of Insight)

Individual investors are still betting on a market rally.  (Marketwatch)

Mid-year is a good time review your trading results.  (Joe Fahmy)

What do you make of hedge fund performance of down ~1% YTD?  (WSJ)

Dividend paying stocks the “ultimate stock pickers” like right now.  (Morningstar)

An interesting money manager interview.  (Selected Financials via Distressed Debt Investing)

Is Blackstone Group (BX) finally undervalued?  (Dealbook, ibid)

The ethics of owing BP (BP) shares.  (Felix Salmon)

College endowment funds have not given up on alternative asset classes.  (Fortune also FT)

Banks are already changing what it means to be a prop trader.  (WSJ, naked capitalism)

Why are banks holding so many muni bonds?  (Bloomberg)

Fears of state defaults are on the rise.  (FT, FT Alphaville)

In praise of default.  (Reuters)

Bailouts prevented the necessary restructuring of the financial sector.  (Big Picture)

The things that got us to this precipice will not be the things that will lead us away from it.”  (Prof. Pinch)

The ISM Services Index shows a decline.  (Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data, Atlantic Business)

What say the ECRI U.S. Long Leading Index.  (Big Picture)

Fear stagflation, not deflation.  (Slate)

Detroit is going to have to operate at a much lower rate of sales.  (FT)

How auto dealers skated on financial reform.  (New Yorker)

Are the European bank stress tests “useless”?  (FT Alphaville, The Money Game, Bloomberg, Street Sweep)

The pros and cons of trading for a living.  (Kirk Report)

Sometimes it makes sense to check out other investing methods.  (biggercapital)

The Sequoia Fund plays by its own rules.  (WSJ)

Baby Boomers are set to retire in huge numbers.  Are you ready?  (The Reformed Broker)

Want to sell your company?  File for an IPO.  (WSJ)

On the importance of focus on Netflix (NFLX) results.  (GigaOM also The Wrap, Fast Company, AR Screencast)

Is the Internet making deep thinking harder?  (Farnam Street)

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