The two-year Treasury note is trading at a record low yield.  (Barron’s)

Earnings revisions have increased on the downside.  (The Money Game)

Doug Kass on the prospects for a correction.  (TheStreet)

Bull vs. bear:  James Paulsen vs. David Rosenberg.  (WSJ)

Equity sentiment at week-end.  (Trader’s Narrative)

The past week has seen closure of some important items.  What next? (Lex)

Google (GOOG) is 35% undervalued.  (Barron’s also CNBC)

Does Jeremy Siegel rely too much on historical market returns?  (NYTimes)

To be a good activist investor you need to be stubborn.  (WSJ)

Using textual analysis to measure investor sentiment.  (FT)

“People don’t fee shop” for bond funds.  (CNBC)

Why it is so hard to sue your mutual fund for mismanagement.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Cocoa is trading at a 33-year high.  (FT, WSJ)

How seasonal affective disorder affects analyst estimates.  (Simoleon Sense)

How financial regulatory reform affects your portfolio.  (WSJ)

Is Goldman Sachs (GS) done being a political punching bag?  (Deal Journal)

Too big to fail is still the implicit law of the land.  (Economist’s View, Baseline Scenario)

A recent economic scorecard.  (Bespoke)

Models say the last recession ended in the summer of 2009.  What comes next is a whole other deal.  (voxEU)

You don’t need a double-dip to make people feel badly about the economy.  (Calculated Risk, FT Alphaville also Economist’s View)

Botox economics.  (naked capitalism, ibid)

Pushing on a string.  Hard to generate much more mortgage activity at these levels.  (BondSquawk)

The economy needs to start generating jobs lest the next recession hit with still slack resources.  (Free exchange, NYTimes)

For better or worse, Ben Bernanke has gathered more power for the Fed than his predecessors.  (Real Time Economics)

Maybe the Germans have the right idea on austerity and debt.  (NYTimes)

Why Toyota (TM) needs Tesla (TSLA).  (Forbes, BusinessWeek)

Apple (AAPL) has seemingly solved its PR problem at a relatively low cost.  (CNNMoney, Apple 2.0, SAI, ibid, NYTimes, The Atlantic)

Steve Jobs needs to apologize.  (Newsweek contra Andy Ihnatko)

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