Is some one liquidating GLD?  (FT Alphaville, ibid)

Where have all the value investors gone? (Minyanville)

Do energy stocks deserve a separate portfolio allocation?  (SSRN)

With the sale of assets to Apache (APA) has the dismantling of BP (BP) begun in earnest?  (WSJ, NYTimes)

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) has problems, but they are better able to weather them than their peers.  (Lex)

Using ETFs to build your own bond portfolio.  (Morningstar)

Julian Robertson is reportedly getting back into the hedge fund seeding business.  (WSJ)

Hedge funds aren’t attracting much in the way of assets.   (Dealbook, Breakingviews)

On the parallels between picking racehorses and hedge fund managers.  (Institutional Investor)

Rogue waves, rising correlations and hedge fund returns.  (CXO Advisory Group earlier Abnormal Returns)

Have we overestimated the actual use of modern portfolio tools by advisers?  (Falkenblog)

How traders can achieve “flow.”  (biggercapital)

Kent Thune, “Are you listening to ego or are you listening to the market?”  (Big Picture)

IPO fees are coming down, albeit slowly.  (Slate)

No matter the metric the housing market has stalled. (WSJ, Expected Returns, Curious Capitalist)

How the credit crisis has affected middle market borrowers.  (Distressed Debt Investing)

Mark Hulbert, “In other words, focusing on consumer confidence tells us more about how the stock market has performed in recent weeks than it does about the future”  (Marketwatch)

Inflation expectations are headed down across the curve.  (Macro Musings, Free exchange)

Howard Simons, “the Federal Reserve, whether intentionally or not, responds to the financial sector’s profitability in setting monetary policy.”  (Minyanville)

What are the packaging companies seeing in the economy?  (DJ Market Talk)

Do construction jobs have further to fall?  (Atlantic Business)

Brazil leads the world in real interest rates.  (beyondbrics)

Research into the rise in China land prices.  (Econbrowser)

Is Flipboard the “killer app” for the iPad?  (Scobleizer, GigaOM)

Sometimes the hype really does live up to reality. (AR Screencast)

New device sales drive an Apple (AAPL) earnings surprise.  (WSJ, FT, Tech Trader Daily, TechCrunch, NPR)

Yahoo! (YHOO) on the other hand is having a hard time of it.  (Bloomberg)

Should Microsoft (MSFT) care if Apple passes it in sales?  (CNNMoney)

Building a 4G wireless network ain’t cheap.  (Bloomberg)

On the value of following strangers on StockTwits.  (Abnormal Returns)

Is the WSJ the future of online news?  (The Big Money)

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