We hope you are enjoying our ongoing series of screencasts.  The Screenr functionality at Chart.ly is well worth a look for anyone looking to illustrate their investment ideas.

We have linked below to our screencasts from the week ended July 23rd.  Below you can find our most recent screencast embedded.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or feedback.

Monday, July 19th:  EEM:  Are emerging markets and high quality stocks a remedy for a lost decade for equities?

Tuesday, July 20th:  SCHN:  Anecdotal evidence of economic strength is not necessarily showing up in stock prices.

Wednesday, July 21st:  AAPL:  Sometimes the hype really does live up to reality. The case of the iPad and the mobile revolution.

Thursday, July 22nd:  ACF:  Compare and contrast. $F having problems issuing debt, GM buying publicly traded lender $ACF.

Friday, July 23rd:  AMZN:  How value investors can use market volatility to their advantage in this environment.