How closely is the market paying attention to rising earnings estimates?  (Crossing Wall Street, Horan Capital)

The breadth rebound is pushing towards overbought levels.  (Bespoke)

Time to rebalance your portfolio.  (market folly)

A graph that shows just how little yield there is out there.  (EconomPic Data)

Testing the idea that moving average systems have stopped working of late.  (World Beta)

Ugh.  10-year swap spreads are negative again.  (FT Alphaville)

Travel-related stocks are demonstrating some relative strength.  (Barron’s)

There is growing interest in VXX calls.  (VIX and More)

A new twist on the commodity ETF – call writing.  (IndexUniverse)

Who is going to win the ETF ticker lawsuit?  (IndexUniverse)

The current economy is a boon to temporary staffing firms.  (DJ Market Talk)

Exploiting the accrual volatility anomaly.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Investors in Build America Bonds are becoming more cognizant of credit of late.  (Bloomberg)

A reasonable explanation why companies are holding so much cash of late.  (Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, Free exchange)

Squaring the circle:  corporate America and the correlation conundrum.  (Abnormal Returns)

The recovery is increasingly splitting between the haves and have nots.  (The Reformed Broker, The Money Game)

Go North young man.  N. Dakota and Alaska lead the country in job growth.  (Portfolio via Reuters)

Texas largely avoided the housing bubble and recession.  Storm clouds on the horizon?  (Fundmastery Blog, Street Sweep)

The Texas economy was a standout this past decade, but how did Texas stocks perform?  (AR Screencast)

The debate over the fiscal multiplier are back.  (FT, WSJ also Atlantic Business)

James Montier of GMO has a new piece up on the austerity debate.  (Pragmatic Capitalism, Credit Writedowns)

Although backward looking, home prices up according to Case Shiller.  (Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data, Big Picture, Planet Money also Lex)

What effect does uncertainty have on economic activity?  (Real Time Economics)

The gap grows.  India raises its interest rates.  (Lex)

Is the Euro crisis over?  (Curious Capitalist)

BP (BP) plans to sell $30 billion in (questionable) assets.  (FT, The Money Game)

Russia is the new Saudi Arabia.  (Gregor Macdonald)

How the does the Big Mac Index relate to measures of economic development.  (The Atlantic)

A brief (and skeptical) history of behavioral finance.  (Monevator)

Are you in “justification mode“?  (Kirk Report)

How to plan for the fact that our long-term forecasts are likely wrong.  (Farnam Street)

Oliver Stone pulls his punches in Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps.  (Mean Street)

Based on a recent transaction the Boston Red Sox are now worth $1.2 billion.  (Marketwatch)

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