We hope you are enjoying our ongoing series of screencasts.  The Screenr functionality at Chart.ly is well worth a look for anyone looking to illustrate their investment ideas.

We have linked below to our screencasts from the week ended July 30th .  Below you can find our most recent screencast embedded.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or feedback.

Monday, July 26th:  FDX:  What $FDX earnings tell us about the distinction between the stock market and the domestic economy.

Tuesday, July 27th:  TXF:  The Texas economy was a standout this past decade, but how did Texas stocks perform?

Wednesday, July 28th:  EWZ:  The ETF industry has discovered Brazil and provides a number of ways to invest in this BRIC country.

Thursday, July 29th:  MACRO:  The sovereign debt/GDP ratio in the news of late. Is it a good measure or simply an incomplete one?

Friday, July 30th:  EMB:  As the emerging markets develop and mature investors are willing to approach them in a new manner.