We hope you are enjoying our ongoing series of screencasts.  The Screenr functionality at Chart.ly is well worth a look for anyone looking to illustrate their investment ideas.

We have linked below to our screencasts from the week ended August 6th, 2010 .  Below you can find our most recent screencast embedded.  Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or feedback.

Monday, August 2nd:  BIL :  Where did all that money market cash go?  A worrisome development, or simple yield seeking?

Tuesday, August 3rd:  STUDY:  Price ratio charts often make great “chart porn” but make sure there is some intuition behind them.

Wednesday, August 4th:  IBM:  If companies are loaded with cash, why are they still borrowing?  Because they can (and cheaply).

Thursday, August 5th:  JNK:  Following up on yesterday’s screencast: are investors loading up on junk bonds today’s “yield pigs”?

Friday, August 6th:  SCHW:  On the difference between positive (and negative) innovation in the world of ETFs.