High stock correlations eventually yield fundamental mispricings.  (Zero Hedge)

Looking back at the “death cross” hype.  (The Reformed Broker also Dynamic Hedge)

The Chinese equity market has calmed down of late.  (Bloomberg)

Who benefits from the global heat wave?  (Lex)

Turkey and Indonesia have been the place to be this year. (Bloomberg)

Adam Warner, “Friends, Greeks, Romans, the Rise of Weekly’s is no longer a hypothetical.”  (Daily Options Report)

Farmers need to decide how much wheat to plant, as Australia benefits from higher wheat prices.  (WSJ, ibid)

On the irreducible math of mutual fund fees.  (AR Screencast)

How best to measure risk-adjusted returns.  (FT, SSRN)

Losing money trading only teaches you how to lose money.  (SMB Training)

How to position your portfolio for deflation.  (market folly)

How well did Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) really perform under Mark Hurd?  (CNBC, DailyFinance)

Every CEO is replaceable.  (Deal Journal)

Big shock.  Freddie Mac needs more cash.  (Street Sweep)

Last week’s economic numbers were at best a “mixed bag.” (Econbrowser)

Economic news flow has taken a turn for the worse.  (FT ALphaville, Money Game)

Expect the Fed to “downgrade” its outlook for the US economy.  (FT, Calculated Risk)

On the prospects for more quantitative easing from the Fed.  (Economist’s View, Pragmatic Capitalism)

What is causing the distortion between job openings and high unemployment?  (Money Game)

James Surowiecki, “A better tax system would have more brackets, so that the super-rich pay higher rates.”  (New Yorker)

Is the economics profession ideological by nature?  (Curious Capitalist)

Marketing The Economist magazine as a hipster newsweekly.  (NYTimes)

Skype files for an IPO.  (GigaOM, ibid, SAI)

A bear market in Nascar.  (Planet Money)

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