The puzzle behind blue chip valuations.  (FT)

James Altucher still thinks stocks are cheap.  (Financial Adviser)

Investors can’t get enough corporate bonds.  (BondSquawk, MarketBeat)

Is today’s sell-off an indication that the market no longer believe the government can do anything for this economy?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Putting VIX spikes into perspective.  (VIX and More)

If correlations keep rising retty soon the market will trade just like “one big ETF.”  (Zero Hedge)

Something (about the market) doesn’t feel right.  (Joe Fahmy)

David Rosenberg vindicated.   (FT Alphaville, Zero Hedge)

Liquidity providers” are not the same thing as market makers.  (Floyd Norris)

Jeff Miller, “Access to information is crucial for investors and traders.  Even a small advantage in timing can make a big difference.” (A Dash of Insight)

Forecasters are story-tellers not diviners of the future. Like all authors of fiction we should enjoy them for what they are: just don’t confuse their narratives with proper investing.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Why investment risk increases over time.  (Bucks Blog also Random Roger)

The story of the blind men and the equity risk premium.  (Abnormal Returns also Greenbackd)

Can you use momentum to trade junk bond funds?  (CXO Advisory Group)

MBIA (MBI) acknowledges they may have a problem with its CMBS exposures.  (Floyd Norris)

The trade deficit jumped in July.  (Calculated Risk, Free exchange, The Reformed Broker, Planet Money)

The Fed decides to extend quantitative easing however gingerly.  (WSJ, Big Picture, Atlantic Business, WashingtonPost)

What is the Fed up to?  Call it “quantitative neutrality.”  (Calculated Risk, Economix, Money Game, Modeled Behavior, Felix Salmon)

Are we missing the big picture?  The Fed (and Feds) remain the dominant force in housing.  (Lex)

The best investments under inflation.  (market folly)

Reinhardt and Rogoff, Don’t dismiss the issue of debt levels on growth.  (voxEU)

Laurence Kotlikoff says the US is already bankrupt.  Surprisingly that is not a bad thing. (Bloomberg)

If structural unemployment is the problem, we are going to need plenty of solutions.  (Gavyn Davies also NYTimes)

The wheat price spike is just another indication of the global imbalance in food.  (Curious Capitalist)

A series of follow-up on prior screencasts.  (AR Screencast)

Are high content costs going to be the undoing of Netflix (NFLX)?  (Deal Journal, NYTimes, NewTeeVee, Atlantic Business)

Why Apple (AAPL) should buy Skype.  (MobileBeat)

Or Skype should just start running ads.  (Fortune)

How the Madden NFL came be a “video game dynasty.”  (ESPN via Simoleon Sense)

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