What does it mean when five year TIPS rates hit zero?  (Crossing Wall Street, Felix Salmon)

Want less risk? Hold more cash.  (World Beta)

Why is an extended period of low interest rates so difficult to believe?  (BondSquawk)

Hedge funds continue to draw interest from investors.  (DealBook)

Smart money vs. realistic money.  (The Reformed Broker)

Now that skepticism abounds on the existence of the equity risk premium is due for a return?  (AR Screencast)

Bill Nygren, ‘I still believe that as most investors focus on the macro it creates more micro opportunities.”  (Morningstar also Variant Perceptions)

A good explanation why the iPath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN (VXZ) may not be a good portfolio hedge.  (Daily Options Report)

There are now 52 options expirations a year.  (Options for Rookies)

An illustration why short selling is never an easy proposition, even during the financial crisis.  (FT Alphaville)

Sometimes not trading is the best trade, plus other good trading psychology posts.  (Joe Fahmy also Derek Hernquist, Attitrade)

A point of clarity on implied stock correlations.  (Don Fishback also FT Alphaville)

You can’t force people to make markets.”  (Kid Dynamite)

Every investor makes mistakes. Deal with it.  (Big Picture)

Is there value in forecasting individual hedge fund returns?  (CXO Advisory Group)

What is “Levy Flight” and how does it apply to trading?  (biggercapital)

Once a methodology becomes common knowledge, it is likely to reverse.  (Cassandra Does Tokyo via TRB)

What is “data feed arbitrage” and what role might it have played in the Flash Crash?  (FT Alphaville)

On the challenges of teasing out inter-market effects for quantitative models.  (CSS Analytics)

Government Motors is looking to raise a wad of cash in its re-IPO, but is not hiring.  (Bloomberg, MarketBeat)

Truck fuel consumption up in July.  (ValuePlays)

Further skepticism on the wisdom (and efficacy) of quantitative easing.  (NYTimes)

Is the money multiplier a myth?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Monetary policy has done all it can at this point.  (Doug Kass also Gavyn Davies)

Recent trade figures implies a downward revision in 2Q GDP.  (Capital Hill also EconomPic Data)

John Carney on the fate of Fannie, Freddie and the FHA.  (NYTimes also Felix Salmon)

Questioning Reinhardt and Rogoff on the mechanism by which debt/GDP affects future growth.  (EconoSpeak)

Ireland’s banks are still in trouble.  (MarketBeat)

Has the lost decade been all that horrible for Japan?  (Guardian)

More with John Burbank of Passport Capital.  (Benzinga, market folly)

How bad was the Cisco (CSCO) earnings report?  (Bespoke)

If everything is moving on the cloud why are hard drive manufacturers so cheap?  (Lex)

Time for Apple (AAPL) to pay a dividend?  (Tech Trader Daily)

Getting to a $400 price target for Apple even with P/E compression.  (Fortune Tech)

Goodbye Apple TV, hello iTV.  (Engadget, CrunchGear)

Why do investors hate Microsoft (MSFT)?  (CNNMoney also Bronte Capital)

How Yahoo! (YHOO) went from market leader to also-ran.  (Paul Graham)

Steer clear of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) stock until there is a new CEO.  (Breakout Performance)

Marc Andreesen as front man for the HP board.  (Fortune)

Is Groupon the fastest growing web business ever?  (Forbes)

An interesting reading list. (PE Beat)

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